Counter-Strike: Global Offensive In Detail

An effort to collect information on this upcoming Valve remake/title.

Beta info, updates to gameplay, weapons and equipment and media.

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Ramses32926d ago

I can't wait for this to come out!
Finally gonna get some use out of my move controller :P

dragunrising2926d ago

I'm also looking forward to Move support. It's my preferred way to play shooters on PS3. I've enjoyed Move with Killzone 3, R3 and LBP 2- I hope there are many more Move enabled games. I wish Battlefield 3 had support... :-/

Perjoss2926d ago

I've always wondered why Counter-Strike wasn't released for consoles sooner, considering how popular it is.

Mutant-Spud2926d ago

They did release it for the Xbox and PS2, but if I remember correctly there was no multiplayer, bot matches only.

NarooN2926d ago

Nah, there was a port of Condition Zero and it came out on Xbox. You could play online via Xbox Live and it had bot-support, as well as 4-player split-screen if I recall correctly.

0neShot2926d ago

Everything in this game from shooting mechanics, graphics, player movement, weapons, etc is LAME compared to both COD and BF.

xruiner892926d ago

Under-age faggot detected.

NarooN2926d ago

What are you, 13 or something? Was Halo or Call of Duty your first fps? You're such a joke. It's not even comparable to those games since they're all so different. And guess which game stole game modes from CS? Such as Search and Destroy (defusal in CS), or Gun Game (CS mod)?

0/10 troll

Rivitur2926d ago

So for all the CODs your telling me those pieces of crap didn't have the same crappy "mechanics, graphics, weapons..ect?"

tack1292925d ago

Wow, you did not just insult everyone here by saying this game is lamer than CoD/BF.

Seriously, seriously not cool.

fingersports2925d ago

You'd do well not to offend the hardcore CS fans out there. As a side line though - CS did "Invent" fps esports and is probably one of the major reasons these other games developed the way they did. Don't forget your roots!

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sickshot692926d ago

Finally i cant wait to play CS:GO im pumped