Digital Foundry: Crysis - Face-off (PS3 vs 360 vs PC)

It speaks to Crytek's technological foresight that, even four years after its original PC release in 2007, Crysis is still considered a popular choice of benchmark among enthusiast gamers in the wake of a rig overhaul. It's also remarkable that the search for the coveted 1080p60 grail is still an ongoing pursuit for the many who are just a bit too strapped for cash to afford the likes of, say, a Core i7 processor in conjunction with a behemothic GTX 580. The release of mods in recent years has helped lighten the burden perhaps, with some allowing for a more optimised recreation of its highest settings by means of minor level-of-detail (LOD) streaming tweaks, or even full-fledged texture packs, but these can only do so much for certain set-ups.

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Paradicia2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

For people who don't wanna click the link: PC > X360 > PS3

Really impressed with this on the 360. To get crysis as it stands to run on consoles, is an achievement on it's own, considering how many PCs had trouble running it back in the day, including my own - R.I.P 8800gt :'(

Hats off to the people over at Crytek for making this possible.

360 -

PS3 -

BrianG2921d ago

I feel everyone who clicks on this article should follow through to the link.

It will also help them realize that the differences between the two aren't as extreme as that one level depicts. The level that you provided pictures for.

Plus they will gain some insight on the 2D and 3D performance.

Crytek did a good job though. "Can it run Crysis, Heck yea"

BattleAxe2921d ago

Looks really good, and i'll probably pick it up despite the fact that I own it on Steam. Its amazing how much better the PC version looks though.

gamingdroid2921d ago


What happened to the PS3 versions textures? What happened to the mountain in the back?

4022921d ago

the ps3 has less usable ram than 360 and the fact that the ram is spit and not unified makes matters worse

360 man2921d ago

this by far is the best looking console shooter game ever made.

the graphics
the scale
the physics


P_Bomb2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Granted it does look good on console, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it the best. Far as physics, the dead bodies clip and don't even move. Shooting them does nothing, you can't melee them around or shoot off body parts a la R3 etc. Water's great though.

"This is largely unnoticeable, and will often be obscured by the overscan area set by default on most HDTVs"

Ok, I HATE when Digital Foundry always plays this 'screen tearing is ok' card when they like a game, but not other times. Who runs their gaming TVs on default factory settings anyways?

DF, odds are your target audience who reads your site in the first place, a site that counts pixels and frames to the decimal, know how to get the full picture on their sets. Even 4 yr old TVs have 'Just Scan'. Stop saying it's ok to tear cuz we won't see it in the overscan. Odds are if you're debating textures in a DF thread, you know enough to calibrate your TV and not leave it on default.

That's why there's a picture in the overscan and not just black bars. There are even wallpapers on my PS3 that get words cut off unless you enable the overscan.

DaTruth2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Digital Foundry does that all the time! Screen tearing is also okay if it's in the 360 version of a game and not the PS3 version and long load times are okay if the PS3 install shortens them before you could install every game on the 360!

Oh, and if the 360 version really sucks(FF13), it's the developers fault for using the wrong techniques, but if the PS3 version sucks it's the PS3's fault for being the PS3!

@360 man below: They're both subHD!

Possible response: Bu, bu, but, yours is more subHD, than mine, but equally lacking in AA, crappier in framerate except during large battles where mine is crappier and more screen tear...y!

P_Bomb2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

You do realise the guy in the PS3 pic is just more frozen, right? As you run through the level, you and your escort slowly turn into ice cubes unless you can get to open flames and thaw. You guys eventually turn into snowmen, and the HUD dynamically whites out & loses clarity as well. Static screenshots don't convey the dynamically changing visuals there.

Not the best map to be comparing 360vsPS3 textures, especially since obscured visuals are intended. No surprise the jungle shots are "better" and pretty much equal.

360 man2920d ago

xbox 360 runs at a higher frame rate than ps3

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archemides5182921d ago

people already know the answer to this, you should have done arkham city before it releases because that would actually be helpful

rockerboy2921d ago

Well I was gona buy this for my ps3 , looks like il be saving my money now.

swinesucker2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Okay, sorry, great that it RUNS but this game still looks like total ass on consoles. Look at all the bloom to cover up deficiencies and when you play it you see all the texture swapping and what not that looks awful in motion. Good that it is here I guess but I don't like the new color scheme either. This doesn't even come close to the PC version I am sorry to say. The cry president smokes too much opium and has no idea what the hell he is talking about. These guys are total mouthpieces.

FAGOL2921d ago

Bought it last week. Platinumed it a few days ago. I felt that this looked and played better than Crysis 2.

If anyone was dissappointed with Crysis 2, they should give Crysis 1 a go. 10x better.

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