Panzer Tactics DS Review (IGN)

IGN hopes you like playing war by yourself. War makes for a great multiplayer experience. There's something about slaughtering an entire army that becomes exponentially more satisfying when you can lean over and laugh at your friend that was commanding. Plus, let's face it, World War II is so played out that the novelty of playing historic battles and learning about them has long since passed. So it's a little funny to see that 10tacle Studios' Panzer Tactics DS has a really strong and interesting single player, while simultaneously botching the multiplayer so badly it should be a war crime.

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mariusmal5559d ago

i played panzer general and numerous clones on the pc when i was younger. and now im gonna play this on my DS on the way to work or university. funny tough... i never imagined i would be playing this on the street ehehe