Awaiting the Battlefield 3 Release - Game Aspect

So overall how was my Battlefield 3 experience? Did the beta make me want to buy the game? Yes, I will preorder it and I can't wait to play it again but I wish EA Games would just let steam deal with their downloads.

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Hufandpuf2924d ago

So far all of the previews of multiplayer have been positive. But this isn't a preview of the recent version which is what I want to hear more about.

Organization XII2924d ago

Steam is awful, I'm so glad it's not on this shitty service that Valve has. I can't play my games because I cant log in in the ridiculously shitty-ass Steam client. Origin is a thousand times better than Steam(client). Only good thing about Steam is their sales.

iistuii2924d ago

Not for me. I played 1942, 2142.B2 & BBC2 and not having a go but IMO Rush is crap & conquest is great but it's just I feel like I've been playing it for years, I'm giving it a miss for now, I just prefer other types of mp games now. The beta didn't get me at all.

Fil1012924d ago

A real shame that you played all the other BF games and are going to give this a miss, dice needs the support and I think you should get it.

iistuii2924d ago

They've had enough support from me over the years I've spent a fortune on all the games and the add ons, but I just get deja vu when playing it.