New Battlefield 3 TV Spot Trailer

New battlefield 3 TV spot Trailer

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gamingdroid2924d ago

It's kind of [email protected] actually. It didn't show me anything or get me excited at all.

Past video was better, as it got me to try out the beta unfortunately.

Hufandpuf2924d ago

Consider me surprised. This is the first time I've seen DICE use CGI since 1942.

Elwenil2924d ago

Nah, the commercials for BC2 had scripted stuff in it also. Remember the vids for the dart gun?

Ducky2924d ago

They use it in their teasers.
They seem to be trying to do something similar to this

... The SquadStories trailers for BC2 was also CGI from what I recall.

gamingdroid2924d ago

That video was pretty good, except the smoking. Let's not encourage that nasty habit.

Hufandpuf2923d ago

Oh yeah lol I forgot all about that.

FlareDReborn2924d ago

This is pretty awesome lol

FlareDReborn2924d ago

Why did i get dislikes for saying this ad is awesome? Guess im not entitled to an opinion..

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2924d ago

i don't understand those kinds of ads, they don't do anything to persuade me that the game is cool, or worth buying.

-Alpha2924d ago

I agree it could be better. The 99 Problems ad sucks IMO, terrible song choice.

They need to use this kick ass BF theme with in-game footage like they did with Caspian Border but with all the maps and it'd be epic

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2924d ago

99 problems ad didn't suck, the song sucked pretty bad, but the footage was great.

callmedom942924d ago

The music that they should have used.

Undeadwolfy2923d ago

^^ all we need now is a literal version and marketing is done lol.

OcularVision2924d ago

Whenever I see CGI ads, I get the feeling that the publisher has something to hide.

KwietStorm2924d ago

That would mean half the industry is pulling a facade.

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The story is too old to be commented.