Tribune: Chrono Trigger Review

Tribune: "“Crono…”
“Good morning, Crono!”

That’s the first set of dialogue you see when you start the game, and it has been more memorable than Aeris’s death. The Chrono Trigger franchise has definitely set its mark as one of the greatest RPGs of all time and for good reason. Its innovative gameplay, memorable characters, amazing music and legendary story development are pretty much all the reasons why this game is still on top after all these years. But, let’s take a moment to breakdown the game and really see why Chrono Trigger is so amazingly awesome!"

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GamingForever2923d ago

It's been a while since I played the chrono trigger games, I should get back to it...

Ziriux2923d ago

Yea, one of the reasons I still turn on my retro consoles baby. 10 it is, since it's so perfect.

masteroftheclaw2923d ago

Nice! Glad to see that great games are still great all these years later. It always makes me a little sad when truly classic games aren't appreciated by some modern players. But, I guess times change. Still, glad to see this guy got it :).

Cinotix2923d ago

You can thank Call of Duty for that. The new gamers that come in have no idea what classics made gaming where it is today. :(

Ziriux2923d ago

Aint that the fucken truth. I'll even ask some people in random games if they've ever heard of Bioshock or Arkham City and they have no clue.

masteroftheclaw2923d ago

At least there are some modern gamers who really, really love gaming enough to look into the past titles. Those kinds of people I am totally fine with, haha.

kma2k2923d ago

@ Ziriux

If anyone asks me for a recomendation of a game this gen i always say Bioshock & Borderlands, it always amazes me so many people say huh never heard of those games. Sad sad sad. I usually follow that up with, would you kindly play bioshock lol they usually give a pretty strange look for that comment lol

Canary2923d ago

Gotta love the completely strait, unironic replies to this post.

Bioshock, Arkham City, Borderlands, and any other gen from the current generation is not a "classic." Hell, even the oldest PS2 games are barely in the "classic" range.

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kma2k2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

its very VERY rare do i ever think a game deserves a perfect score, but Chrono Trigger could be one of those select few, one of 4 games i can honestly say ive beaten more than 30 times. No that isnt an exaderation full playthrous not counting the quick endings for lavos. Only game ive played more than Chrono Trigger would be Earthbound (mother 2).

Personal Favorite team Chrono, Robo, Glenn or Chorno, Robo, Ayla. Serisouly i dont think i ever let Robo out of my team though lol love that little bastard!

Blaze7182923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

nice my fav team is also crono, robo, as well as crono, glenn, and magus. the rivalry between glenn and magus is epic.

ThatGuyInTheHat2922d ago

Crono+Frog+Ayla for me. Why? 3D Attack FTW!!

TheRichterBelmont2923d ago

One of the very best games EVER made!

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