Battlefield 3 to Have 12 Sets of Unlockable Camouflage

Planet Battlefield writes: "DICE Senior Designer, Fredrik Thylander revealed some interesting information about camo in Battlefield 3 saying there would be 12 unlockable sets. Currently we know about the SPECACT camo set, which is a pre-order bonus for people who pre-order from Best Buy (in North America). It is unknown if the SPECACT camo will become one of these unlockable sets. This would also explain the appearance option that was spotted in a gameplay video earlier this week."

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Dart892929d ago

Nice i literaly can now wait for this game.

Engineer for the win:D.

M-Easy2929d ago

*Nice, now I literally cannot wait for this game.*
fixed :)

Hufandpuf2929d ago

Woah! That camo looks so awesome!

crematory2929d ago

you can get them if you pre order from

2929d ago
NotSoSilentBob2929d ago

And there will be another 5 unlockable camo for 12.99 week 1 that you can only get threw the DLC.

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