Worms: Ultimate Mayhem Review [Game Revolution]

"Through the years, the Worms series has relatively stayed the same. The major change came when the format and graphics switched over to 3D, a major mistake against the authenticity of the originals. Yes, it is still Worms; you wiggle around, thumbing through a plethora of weapons you may use in order to destroy the opposition. But the feel of the first Worms games just isn’t there." ~ Devin Charles, GameRevolution

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dbjj120882929d ago

I LOVE worms but... in 3D? I'm not sure. I guess this review will get me to download the demo at least.

stormeagle62929d ago

Huh, so they're trying 3D again... and it doesn't suck? Wow.

insertcoin2929d ago

Worms in 3D, eh? Hmm... might not suck this time around. I'll probably still like the 2D version better, though.

LostTokens2928d ago

Ah, Worms... good times to be had. So long as it's not terrible, I'd say Worms is Worms, even in 3D.