Dear Microsoft, Please Plug These Holes

Over the past several months Xbox Live accounts (including mine) have been getting hacked en masse. Once the hacker has taken control of the victim’s account, they’re buying up as many Microsoft Points as they can, and spending them all on in game currency for FIFA 11 or FIFA 12. Then, from within their FIFA game of choice, the hacker buys up items for FIFA Ultimate Team, and presumably sends those items off to their personal XBL account.

This article provides two simple solutions MS should absolutely be using to protect its users from hackers.

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MultiConsoleGamer2928d ago

"hacked en masse."

That's funny, I haven't heard anything about this. Can you provide any additional proof of this mass hacking, I mean aside from your own personal experience? This story has piqued my interest.

MultiConsoleGamer2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Wow, that is insane! I guess I haven't heard about this because I don't play FIFA, at least not recently.

Hackers, this is why we can't have nice things.

whatthegeek2928d ago

haha, yea, the best part is that MS and EA have both taken a "move along, nothing to see here" stance on the issue.

Series_IIa2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

keep going please 4 links isn't "en masse" they are isolated cases...

- It isn't my job to Google it, I want you to provide "en masse" links to forums of hundreds of people being effected, phishing isn't new, most of them said their passwords needed to be reset from too many password attempts, hackers don't need to guess passwords.

whatthegeek2928d ago


Read the comments on any of 'em, and you'll start to see a pattern emerge. If you're still not satisfied, Google it yourself.

dead_eye2928d ago

@Series_lla lol well said.

Does sound more like phishing to me.

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tickticktick2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Xbox Live is still hack free, keep trying.

Don't give your password to anyone and don't type it into some random websites promising MS points.

narutogameking2928d ago

That's funny I've seen at least 3-4 articles of hackings in the last month.

(Funny thing is no articles on PSN hackings, ironic huh?)

WhiteLightning2928d ago

LOL no articles on the PSN hacking

WOW.....just wow

You were etheir away from this site for over a month, blind or just a fanboy.

There were tons of PSN hacking articles, it's what was always on this site during it's down time....they were still popping up during the aftermath

duplissi2926d ago

well it happened to me... just got my nearly 200 dollars refunded today. and it was fifa 12

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3GenGames2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Start with IE please, as it sucks to work with at all as a developer as it follows no standards and is just a giant turd.

whatthegeek2928d ago

There's no saving IE - they need to light it on fire, roll it down a hill, and start over.

3GenGames2928d ago

That's true, kinda like Mozilla did with...well, Mozilla.

DragonKnight2928d ago

Hackers have to be the cheapest, laziest bunch of losers in the world. Here are people with the skills to get great jobs somewhere in the world, and instead of using those skills for something productive, they have to make people's lives miserable by stealing money from them for video game crap. Seriously? You're telling me that you can spend money on an expensive computer that you use to hack, but you can't spare a few bucks for a game and some DLC? *sigh* Hackers are talented morons.

dark-hollow2928d ago

Aren't the people here in n4g hate hackers???
Because it looks like some are happy that the psn has been hacked and others want XBL to get hacked /:

DragonKnight2928d ago

It's trolling fanboyism. When PSN was hacked, so many trolls from the opposite camp that always love to plunge on Sony were quick to say "hurr durr, you get what you pay for, derp" and blamed Sony for the hack. So, trolling fanboys from the Sony side said that paying for Live doesn't mean protection from being hacked, as hackers can get into anything, and they wished it upon the 360 fanboys.

Now Live accounts have been hacked, and you can bet that there are people ready and willing to say "hurr durr, i thought Live couldn't get hacked because you pay for it. derp" and the B.S. will just flame up from there.

gamingdroid2928d ago

Hacking doesn't necessarily take skill at all. In many cases, phising is mistaken for hacking to boot. Some even go as far as claiming all hacking is bad, but reality is that there are many shades of grey.

Just like anything, things can be used for good or bad.

Ethereal2928d ago

These things happen all the time. Keep an eye peeled on your stuff people. Sony is not the only one this stuff happens too.

Noticeably_FAT2928d ago

Nobody hacks people on XBL, if anything it's phishing that is a problem, which if that is the case, don't be stupid where you put in your passwords.

Been a XBL user for almost six years and I've never had any issues.

whatthegeek2928d ago

One out of 15 million certainly proves that the service is completely secure and unhackable. Just out of curiosity, are you also a lottery winner?

All joking aside, it's great that you haven't had any problems, but a lot of other people (including myself) have. I can't speak for everyone effected, but I didn't fall for a phishing scam, nor did my PC get compromised by spyware - someone found another way in.

3GenGames2928d ago

Nobody hacks, it's left in the game and activated by changing the save file, not the actual program.

gamingdroid2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Did you use the same password on multiple sites?

There is also reports this has to do with EA servers.

That said, there are million ways into an account that doesn't mean security is compromised including re-use of passwords on multiple sites, weak passwords, passwords that is related to you in some way (i.e. your birthdate) and so on.

Heck just visiting another site can enable them to hijack your logged in session giving them the ability to fully control your account.

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