Weekly Sales Analysis, 8 October 2011 - Rage & NBA 2K12

"Overview - Rage and NBA 2K12 both opened up with sales over 500,000 across all platforms. Hardware sales are flat week on week and are down year on year. There are six debuts in the top 40, which is the same as last week. Software milestones this week: FIFA Soccer 12 (PS3) passes the two million mark; and Dark Souls (PS3) crosses the 500,000 mark. 12 games sold over 100,000, up from five last week, and the top 17 sold over 50,000, up from 15 last week."

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Jobesy3866d ago

Hmm, xbox360 owners don't buy as many games as ps3 owners...

cstyle3866d ago

360 owners buy more software. Even on xbox live too. If you think you are right then go ask Insomniac who buys more.

TreMillz3866d ago

They'd say PS3 since all their titles equals more not just from 1....

palaeomerus3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

VGchartz is a pretty poor source until they've had a chance to correct their own estimate numbers via monthly NPD and other published Japanese, Uk and Europeans sales sources.

petko233866d ago

i agree Jobesy. that's why microsoft never release software numbers i their financial reports unlike sony and nintendo