PS3 Advanced : Uncharted: Drake's Fortune REVIEW -- 9.3

Uncharted is the best game Naughty Dog has ever crafted. Uncharted is one of the best games to hit consoles this holiday season. Uncharted will leave you in awe. Some people might compare Uncharted to a summer blockbuster but that is selling the game short, Uncharted is a blockbuster, from the Indiana Jones-y action sequences, right down to the ending credits that scroll like one. Uncharted nails finding the perfect blend of story, thrills, and gameplay. You'll find yourself glued to the controller eagerly anticipating the next moments of gameplay and plot development, a rarity in gaming because games often rely on one or the other to drive the players.

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achira4075d ago

nice score. nice game.

SIX4075d ago

Get Game of the year.

Bebedora4075d ago

R&C, friday GH3, two weeks later I get Uncharted.. I'll be set for some great entertainment for a good while.