5 crazy reboots we'd love to see [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "With the current trend for series reboots – and the likes of Driver: San Francisco going a bit mental – we come up with some crazy ideas for ‘rejuvenating’ five beloved franchises."

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RedDragan2928d ago

I wish they would reboot X-Com, but it will never happen. Sigh.

Pintheshadows2928d ago

Marin 2k are, although not in the traditional sense.

RedDragan2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

My point exactly. It just isn't X-Com the way they are doing it, that still saddens me somewhat.

I have in the past imagined a first person version... but not like they are doing, I would always try to imagine what it would be like to be part of the original military style theme instead of this investigator type theme. Also being based in the past? Hmmm... I liked the idea of it being based a little bit in the future. For today that sort of timeline would be around 2020AD and you would be going through your research and doing the autopsies on the aliens and BOOM... a big explosion in the loading dock as your base is under attack. All events happen in real game time regardless of you being out on the field fighting the aliens or in your base or meeting the governments to keep the funding coming. The clock never stops. You can speed up time to make things happen quicker out of the fighting part, but the clock still runs and the alien invasions and alien terror campaigns are never scripted. They are totally random so each time you retried the game you didn't know when a spaceship would enter our atmosphere.

Shame, it had so much potential that original X-Com. You have to wonder why Marin 2K are not rebooting the game considered on many websites as the greatest game of all time. Even IGN, who I do not respect, go on record as saying it is the greatest game of all time. Considering how whore happy they are for first person shooters, that says alot. Imagine their reaction to a well pulled off first person version of the original X-Com: Enemy Unknown game!!!!

It would be an instant 10/10 across many websites.

An opportunity missed right there. But maybe Marin 2K knew alot about X-Com: Enemy Unknown and thought it was too much of a task to pull off? I would imagine everybodies expectations would be rediculously high, like far higher than the Duke Nukem remake. The chance of failure would so monumentally high, perhaps they got too scared to go down the old route.

Just how awesome would it have been if pulled off right?! It would be defining!

HaHa_Ostrich2928d ago

Actually playing as a new character against Kratos isnt a bad idea. With numerous fights with Kratos through the game, one epic final battle where your character eventualy dies by his hand. Im waiting for a game where the hero dies and "evil" triumphs and I wouldnt mind it.