Syndicate - 10 Years with no Reboot Reboot

10 years since the Syndicate series was rebooted as an FPS, perhaps it's time we got another reboot as a strategy game?

ABizzel1418d ago

I enjoyed this game, especially the co-op. It was solid sleeper hit IMO.

MeteorPanda418d ago

was this the game with the cars on rails and you could blow up killing everyone in it? l loved this game, lol

porkChop418d ago

I couldn't get past the first half hour or something. Hard to remember but I didn't play long. I don't know if there was something wrong with the PC version or not, but the bloom was so bad it hurt my eyes. I started getting a horrible headache. I could hardly see anything because there was extremely intense bloom everywhere.

annoyedgamer418d ago

EA always let their PC versions fall by the wayside. The same thing happened with Dead Space 1.

Gheritt_White417d ago

This remains one of my fave hard sci-fi FPS games from the X360 era. A compelling premise with an interesting setting and solid characters, plus outstanding special ability mechanics. Def deserves more love.