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Crazyglues2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

This is exactly what RAGE needed, more story telling... this is indeed EPIC and done so well..

If the idea of a trailer is to make you want to play the Game then this Trailer Nails it...

I'm not even a Batman Fan and I want to play this game after watching the trailer just to see how this plays out...

The guys making this game know what they are doing.. Epic.. Looks like it will be a really good game.

_____And as a Gamer what more could you want...


CernaML2929d ago


Damn that PC delay! Now I really can't wait to play this.. just might have to pick up a console version instead. :X

chanmasta2929d ago

DON'T DO IT. Wait for PC ;D

sickshot692929d ago

Love it, cant wait for the game

Jonah_Reese2929d ago

If this game does not excite you as a gamer, comic book geek or just a Batmaniac, you have no heart. But if you're any of those things I'm sure you're as pumped as I am.