2012 A Test for Tales Fans

Want Xillia for PS3 and Innocence-R for Vita? Then put your money where your mouth is by buying Tales of the Abyss 3D and Tales of Graces f. Heath of Game Revolution explains Namco Bandai's shady localization history, but points out that things aren't always as bad as they seem.

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stormeagle63748d ago

You didn't need to tell me. I'm all over Tales of Graces.

Relientk773748d ago

Me too dude, I cannot wait to get it next year

dbjj120883748d ago

I can't wait for Tales of the Abyss. Loving RPGs on portables lately.

Relientk773748d ago

I really want Tales of Graces F and Xillia. I will be buying Graces F when it comes out, and hopefully they will announce Tales of Xillia for the U.S. too.

Jirachi3748d ago

I was planning on buying both anyways.

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