Sony To Lead Industry In Accepting Android Modification

GIR writes: Android is many things to many people, but as one of the most used operating systems on cell phones and tablets, it has led the way for some pretty cool games to , establishing itself as a mobile platform along side iOS. Now it would appear that there is to be fresh support for the people who prefer to modify the device and it’s software, giving themselves and us more freedom with what we do with our devices.

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agentxk2659d ago

This looks good for the Vita!

narutogameking2659d ago

The Vita doesn't use Android.
You can bet Sony won't support modifications to that. In fact, if you release a guide on how to hack it they might even sue you(right Geohot?)

smashcrashbash2659d ago

Geohot and friends stole and copied Sony's property to hack the system. It's not the same thing. Can't believe your STILL repeating that BS.

UltimateIdiot9112659d ago

It might not use Android but the PS Suite does support android development on it. Also, I'm not 100% on the details but I've read somewhere it plays android games.

SilentNegotiator2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )


He used stolen, copy protected/trademarked codes to make the CFW. After pouting off into the sunset after failing to recreate Doc's device, he returned with chest pumped out because he "invented his own" flux capacitor after getting a hold of stolen schematics to a flux capacitor.

GeoNotz made a jerk out of himself and was proud as a mother when he was an accessory to theft.

Sony sued him for profiting from paypal "donations" (He even went on vacation meanwhile whining that he didn't have enough money to fight 'Teh BIG EVIL Soniez' corporation) and using their copywritten/trademarked technology.

nix2658d ago

geez naruto... get your facts right!

Ju2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

What has the Vita to do with Cyanogen? Doesn't run on the Vita. Pointless. I am sure by all the love of Sony for Cyanogen, they will hardly publish Vita's spec.

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denero12659d ago

yeah sure geohot stole that's why Sony won in court case right. . . that's why geohot is now working for Facebook after stealing from a company ;) cause they love thieves

Godmars2902659d ago

The only thing I want from Sony and Google at this point is Google TV for the PS3. Even if its via an add-on.

TheIneffableBob2659d ago

I really doubt that would ever happen. The Cell architecture is different enough from ARM and x86 to make it a really large project. Also, I don't know if the PS3 has enough RAM. Pretty sure all Google TV devices have at least 1GB of RAM.

3GenGames2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

If you can't make something work in 1GB of RAM, you need WAY better programmers, as they probably really suck if they NEED more then that.

And yeah "the cell" isn't any different and doesn't work better, it's different, and guess what? Unoptimized compared to other things such as x86 and even already x64! Even though x86 was ancient and shty the day it became standard and has one of the worst bases of any processor in the 80's, it still is more accessible and usable than that thing called the cell. As it's not standard, it's not easy to program because compilers have NO optimizations and HAVE to be written in parallel. It's not going to be used ever again because of those. Plus it's proprietary and secret on how it works, why would Sony license it at all, and why would anybody use it if they have to pay MORE for it? Ha, what a joke. In fact, I'd wager they use a proprietary FPGA custom RISC made processor or even a PIC. A dedicated x86 processor? Too damn much. A ARM or FPGA are 1000x more likely. But yet, at the same time, computers are so fast it's irrelevant except for PC gaming that actually utilize most of the processor. A TV set wouldn't use 10% of any processor clocked at even 1Ghz. Another reason you won't need a 3.8Ghz AMD x64 quad core processor in your TV. It doesn't need it. And never will, as the TV's are cool and useful, but won't ever be an actual computer.

morganfell2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )


While I agree with the first part of your comment, the second part is only true if it is qualified. And yours was not.

Compared to X86 and X64 architecture, the Cell is what it is. Much of our current code is not optimized for radically different hardware. You see, we automatically think hardware, which is the most inflexible, should be optimized rather than refining the code instead.

That said, and from your point of view, when it comes to massive data calculations - pure number crunching, the cell, based on GPU architecture, is much more suited...more optimized...for such tasks than standard X86 and X64 systems.

3GenGames2658d ago

^ How do you say it's more optimized when the optimization is both in the compilers, with GCC well developed and easy to use, and then also the programmers, who hate the thing to death? I mean, did you not catch the fact that you have to write the code in parallel? It's not possible to just write code and for it to work on PS3 better, it takes months of work even from big companies who usually get that stuff done quick and without complaining, but when they're complaining you know something's screwed with that PoS architecture.

But besides, like I said, they won't license and nobody would be crazy enough to pick it up, so all is irrelevant. :)

Ju2658d ago

There is nothing "in the compilers". A compiler will not solve the problem to "optimize" code for the CELL, that requires dedicated engineering; explicit forwarding code to SPUs. And as such, you run at least one compiler for the PPU (PowerPC/Power ABI) and SPUs and interface those properly. There is no compiler which does this automatically - no "auto vectorizer" which decides which goes on the PPU or SPU and even schedules code and data on the fly. The PPU is as good as any CPU (x86 or ARM - well, quite faster than ARM).

GoogleTV is more a problem of native code than anything. If Sony can port Dalvik and the basic GoogleTV framework to the PS3 it might as well work - but only for Java apps. Everything written with the NDK will not run (requires either a PowerPC version of Googles OS or an ARM/x86 emulator) and explicit recompile for PPC (and then, there will still be no SPU optimization).

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TheIneffableBob2659d ago

Samsung and Sony appear to have the most open arms towards Cyanogenmod. Samsung even hired one of the main guys behind the project.

HTC was pretty open towards the group but I think they backed off a little bit recently for some reason.

ps3o-k2658d ago

here's hoping that future ps3 updates will offer google support.