Tenchu Senran videos

From Software released these two videos of Tenchu Senran, one presenting one level in single player mode and the other some 4 player coop action.

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General5863d ago

Cant be bothered to watch it, Whats this game about?

dfb19775863d ago

It's a ninja, Stealth slash-em up (Splinter Cell with swords). First one was really good but I've been dissapointed by the sequels, hopefully this will improve

ASSASSYN 36o5863d ago

I am so done with tenchu. I can`t stand games that never change engines despite system changes. I can`t stand the the claim this game has co-op when it is just you running around with another person doing nothung at all. Splinter cell had a co-op campaign this does not. No inever played it but look at it`s history.

dfb19775863d ago

Hopefully they've had the foresight to give it a full next-gen overhaul.

Jakens5863d ago

because I like the stealth aspects, but I see that it needs polish, better blood effects, and fewer HUD items, ect.

Jakens5863d ago

I will be happy if there is downloadable content for this game like weapons, items, costumes, and missions. It would be cool to be able to mod your charater's look, like most games do, now days.

Sphinx5863d ago

...but they really do need to change up the engine like ASSASSYN 360 said. Too many changes need to be made when going next-gen for Tenchu to be a really good game again.

THAMMER15863d ago

I agree with both of you. I also think they really could use some creativity here.

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