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Sam McGrath

"I've recently been working on a new feature for the Offset Engine: real time ambient occlusion. I took some ideas from Crysis and some other developers (most notably Inigo Quilez…thanks Inigo!) who have been working on similar techniques and made a few improvements over those approaches that makes the effect much more convincing, IMO. For those not familiar with the term, ambient occlusion is a way of approximating global illumination by computing how much a point is occluded by other geometry in the scene (good overview at

It's not quite ready for prime time yet, and currently requires quite a bit of tweaking to get it looking good in different situations, but I thought I'd show you some WIP comparison screenshots (attached). It works as a post process and requires no precomputation, and works with moving and deforming objects. It currently requires deferred rendering to be turned on, though I may be able to get around this dependency As you can see from the comparison shots, it improves the quality of the rendered scene significantly! The first shot showing the boxes is lit in a very boring way intentionally (a single sky light placed in the editor) to highlight the benefit of the technique."

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theoneandonly3985d ago

Looking forward to tons more info!!!! =D

One of the best FPS games to be coming in 2008, there needs to be news on this unmentioned game all the time. Definitely going to be great.

TheMART3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

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Ah well Project Offset another console exclusive on the 360. Early graphics/animations showed much promise already. Curious how this one will evolve!


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PC games also run better then the games on the PS3... So? PC is constantly upgraded, consoles stay with same hardware for 5 to 8 years. That's the way it works dudes... The 360 has the better multiplatform games then the PS3 version. So I guess it's like this then:

PC > 360 > PS3

(2000 Dollar/Euro > 349 Dollar/Euro (incl. 2 games) > 399 Euro/Dollar (no games and no PS2 support)

Glad I got the 360. Price/qualitywise.

AllroundGamer3985d ago

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mighty_douche3985d ago

ill get it for the pc where it runs/looks better.

AllroundGamer3985d ago

ow that was way too offensive, i probably hit the right spot :D your life must really suck... btw. good luck with the imaginary girl of yours :p

dhammalama3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

I've been watching it since they showed it in , about 2005, I think. Looks awesome and sound really intriguing. Check out this excerpt from the homepage.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------
Parallel Storytelling
Our single player game is not based around a single main hero with a single story arch. Instead, you, the player, experience the conflict through the eyes of multiple characters similar to movies such as Sin City, Pulp Fiction and Crash. As you strive to complete each mission, and as each character's goals are met, story lines will begin to intersect, and the plot will become more intriguing and complex. You will even see the actions you performed as one character have consequences for another as the mystery unfolds before your eyes.

As an example, there is a tale of a great Warrior who changed the fate of the world. The player will defend a ravaged human village, and then journey to his home, Abinden, only to see it destroyed by goblins. His story will continue until a specific event.

During this event , narration will take over, a cinematic will play, and the tale of the goblin will be introduced. You will now embark on a journey as this goblin, motivated by his own revenge. Your mission will be to overtake and burn a human village and eventually overthrow and destroy the giant city of Abinden.

These stories, while interlinking, will not be linear. The sorceress' tale, for example, while being one of the last tales the player experiences, actually starts centuries before. Here the player will get more pieces of the puzzle before returning to present time.

When the single player has ended, the player will have seen the world from all angles. Moreover, he will have learned to play each character class and be ready to dive into the multiplayer. This storytelling technique also leaves room for additional tales released as expansions, or delivered episodically. By introducing new characters in this way, the franchise can be expanded indefinitely.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - --------------------

This is the homepage

tony3985d ago

this is the big hitter for microsoft next year.

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