Sony PS3 Online Play Free For Original Game Purchaser Only? (Rumor)

The latest PS3 rumor is that Sony will release free online play but thats just for the person who bought the game new.

You first register yourself on Sony network

-you buy the game and play it online

-you get bored of the game and you try to sell it away
your friend buys it from you, puts it in his console and want to play it online

-Message arrives on screen:
dear customer this game is already registered on GAMERX profile. IF you want to play this game online plays pay X euro thank you.

This is just a rumor for now, but it is still an interesting one.

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Sphinx5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

That would definitely not make me happy. So, if I were to buy used, or rent a game, I would then have to pay extra to play online? Let us hope this rumor is false.
I know Sony bought the tech to do this kind of thing, and I wouldn't be surprised if they really did this. For shame.

zypher5869d ago

well it wouldn't affect me one bit, as i don't buy used games. but i can see this being a problem for those who DO buy used games, and particularily for EB and Gamestop. its sad for the customers i guess, but if it cripples EB and Gamestop then i could really care less. they get over anyway, buying used games from customers for $15 then turning around and selling them for $45--a whopping $5 cheaper than new--with scratches on the disc and dents in the cases included.

yet still, this is all a bit rumor. until Sony says otherwise, we should treat it as such.

malachi235869d ago

Sony, you continue to suprize us all with your utter lack of respect for your customers.

RealDoubleJ5869d ago

If this is indeed true then what irks me is that if I was to pay such a fee, I don't think any of that money would get back to the publishers/developers of the game & instead would line the coffers of Sony. Which sounds worse than a videogame shop pocketing the money from pre-owned games (most independant game retailers make their bread on pre-owned games)

THE TRUTH5869d ago

The developers who make ZERO dollars off of used games!! I don't hit used games so it won't affect me but I can see how this would hurt some gamers. On the other hand I think its not right that developers get 0 profit from used games and they deserve to receive money from games they are making. Its not a decision everyone will be happy with but developers will be pleased and if this halos them make better games I have no complaints

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The story is too old to be commented.