More on PS3 Shipment Plans

After its initial launch of 400K units into the U.S. market, SCEA plans to ship another 800K units via air-freight through the end of the year, making 1.2 million units total.

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TheMART5858d ago

I have no idea why to believe Sony anymore.

Anything more then those 400.000 in USA would surprise me a lot. Surprise me in a good way Sony for once please

specialguest5858d ago

Europe won't get their PS3 till '07 and chances are, most of us who plan on buying a PS3 won't get ours until '07 too. so in a way, we in the US are almost in the same boat at the Europeans.

Marriot VP5858d ago

No not really, because Europe's delays after March 2007 will be around the same for the U.S., Just later. So no it's not the same, people in Europe still won't be able to find one in stores for about 4-5 months after launch, just like the U.S..

Marriot VP5858d ago

Well lets see here,
80% PS3-600
20% PS3-500

Makes sense for the most part, although I would of had it be 100% for the 600 because all early adopters are willing to pay through the nose for their long belated console. Than mid 2007 switch to 20% 500. MS did the same thing. But that's me, it makes more sense but whatever.

Still what bothers me is the very low launch amount of 400K. The problem is that with a small number it has a much better chance of being delayed a month or several months. Even the smallest production issue could push the PS3 Japan and U.S. launch back another month.

5858d ago
THE TRUTH5858d ago

Well 800k units isn't out of the question. I haven't seen any major developers overly worried so I'm not worried. Its either a PS3 or 360 for me and if I get my PS3 at launch I will be trading my 360 and games in for PS3 accessories and games. Its as simple as games for me and PS3 has the games I'm just dying to play! DMC4, RFOM, GT5, Motorstorm, MGS4, Heavenly Sword, LAIR, FF13, FF13 versus all exclusives and all games I will buy without hesitation. Stake those against the 360 exclusives and its not even close in my opinion, its not about company loyalty but rather which system has the games I want

BIadestarX5858d ago

and are we suppose to believe that you really have a 360? What kind of idiot will trade any of launch PS3 title for Gear of war, etc? Unless you are a PS3 fan. if any of the (TOP) games you mentioned would be available at lauch for the PS3 than I would believe you. Since I will buy a PS3 to play MSG4 & FF13. but I will not be getting rid of my 360 for no fking Motorstorm and miss out on Gears of war, Halo3, Forza, etc. It's ok to want a PS3 heck I want all consoles (including the wii), but to go as low as saying that you would trade the 360 for ps3 launch titles without even seen game play for any of them is simply disgusting… So, bottom line is you are a fanboy you just don’t know it.

TheMART5858d ago

There are a lot of people overhere saying they own a 360 which they actually don't. They should check also with the new rules of this site if one owns it.

Isn't lying forbidden also?

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The story is too old to be commented.