PlayStation Vita developer: like a PS3 in your pocket

iTWIre writes "iTWire sat down with John McLaughlin producer at sony’s XDev studios on his Australian whistle stop tour recently to discuss his work on the upcoming PlayStation Vita. McLaughlin talked up the power and features of the device, but like all good all developers he wants even more grunt."

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remanutd552656d ago

man it would be kool to be able to play co op online between vita and ps3

deadpoole2656d ago

What I wanna see ... is an fps and tps game that I can play countless hours with friends online along with voice chat.

NukaCola2656d ago

I would like to see that anything can be purchased and played on Vita. I know PSN titles, PS One, Minis, and PS2 classics will be compatable. (I hope they use the Vita when puting PSN games on it, like Flower and sixaxis, etc.)...

...But I would love to see Full PS3 titles and all from the store get put on it. It would be great to play Fallout 3 or Borderlands on Vita.

firefoxprime2656d ago

Yeah. Like a PS2 in your pocket. No thanks. I love my PS2. Consider it my most used gaming platform to date versus Genesis/N64/PS1. I patiently wait for the epic titles to cross my 3DS(gamecube in your pocket). I don't need a Vita.

Also, I certaintly won't wait X years for decent games to reach that platform. I perfer to spend my cash on the backlog titles my PS3(waited 5 years for library to expand)>> [May 2011].

f7897902656d ago

Would that be possible with Ruin? Since it's the same game I would think they would let it happen.

sealion882656d ago

imagine dark souls on vita! can farm souls on the subway while going to work!

specialguest2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Or play it in bed with the blanket over my head. When I become sleepy, I could simply end the game and fade zZZzz zZzz

Tanir2656d ago

weaklings would break their vita's so fast lmao

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UltraVegito2656d ago

With the features,controls,buttons,easy to work on,and cheap dev kits I would like to meet a dev who ISN'T hyped for the Vita.

"slightly powerful ps2"
What have you've been smoking?
At first I couldn't believe the vita was nearly as powerful as the ps3....until I saw uncharted golden abyss,Mgs4(tech demo),and lost planet 2(tech demo) running on it.It's only slightly weaker than the ps3.

whitezagetsu712656d ago

its like a Ps3 in your pocket
its not like a Ps3 hooked up to sony bravia with HDMI and surroundsound in your pocket

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