Game Informer - Just Dance 3 Review

Ben Reeves writes: The Just Dance series was design to be a party game, and, sadly, it doesn’t perform well outside of that kind of atmosphere. You won’t be whipping out most of these dance moves on any other occasion, but I don’t think Ubisoft cares if you learn how most of these goofy moves are performed. It doesn’t care you’re going to feel like an idiot dancing in front of the Kinect. In fact, it’s probably banking on the fact that your helter skelter gyrations will give you an adrenaline-spiked thrill. Ubisoft probably doesn’t even care that you think its game is silly. Ubisoft wants you to just dance. And if that’s all you care about, you might have fun.

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AmaZinG2590d ago

means its gonna sell 6 milions before this year is over.

mcstorm2590d ago

Lol im one of the 6 millon picked it up for kinect today. But tbh i found dance central fun with the family and with this being 4 player and aimed at kids more than adults i can see us having alot of fun on this game and dance central 2 when its out.

Yes its not a core game but thats fine by me as i have f1 fifa bf3 uc3 halo cea forza 4 rwc2011 resistance 3 and dead island to keep my gaming side happy and games like this for keeping the family happy and to me its a winner for all.