Why 3DS and Vita won't be killed off by iPhone and Android

Handheld consoles like 3DS and Vita aren't being made obsolete by mobile phone games. Here's why...

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Kamikaze1352615d ago

Why is this even being questioned?

iamnsuperman2615d ago

Not sure what web page you saw all I got was ads

Misterhbk2615d ago

I read the article and I have to say it's a very well written piece, and really informative. As someone with an iPhone with zero games on it I can vouch for the fact that core gamers really do need more than just flinging birds on a slingshot. I want complex leveling systems and true online multiplayer. I can't wait for the Vita!

WhiteSpyderZero2614d ago

That is the question I ask in my article, I don't understand why people are so ready to shun dedicated gaming hardware - But there are plenty of people who do so.

nick_gamestribe2615d ago

Sorry for those who see a page of ads. Issues with hosting company *throws brick through nearest window*

We'll fix it asap/break more windows

Stealth2k2614d ago

This is too obvious for an article

Tanir2614d ago

only a moron would think that droid games would take over, they are the most casual games ever.

especially those stupid games that use a touch screen d-pad, its retarded.

even for people to think the ipad would rival a handheld, not even close

plmkoh2614d ago

This was a pretty decent article, the writer maintains his opinion with lots of quoted facts.

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The story is too old to be commented.