PGR4 Car Design Contest

Make your dreams come true! If you win the Peugeot Design Contest 2007, you will be able to see your concept car in full-scale at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and see your concept car in the Project Gotham Racing 4 video game, exclusively on Xbox 360.

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dfb19775858d ago

I hope they add a lot more to this. PGR 3 is a good game but we need something new. Drifting Competition levels like D1 would be cool please Bizarre

dfb19775858d ago

and bring back the weather. Also Australia and South Africa as destinations please. You can lose Vegas it bored the cr&p out of me

Reaper5858d ago

Vegas was one of the best tracks on PGR3, all the lights and effects looked totally awesome. I think that they should bring vegas back and make it more realistic so that it has all the buildings that are on the strip and not just some.