IGN - Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Review

IGN - Can Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 reclaim its place back at the top?

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OcelotRigz2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

They pretty much summed up the state of the series in the opening paragraphs:

"Every year it's the same old story: "This Time We'll Get It Right". The chest-puffing hype and expectation in the build-up, the familiar promises of glory, the wistful recollection of better days, only to be found out by better organised opposition.

And just like the England football team, PES maintains a loyal, loud following, determined to stick with it through thick and thin, unflinching in their passionate belief that one day it will reclaim its rightful place at the top. On its day, we all know it could happen. We know it has the potential. Scratch beneath this dogged veneer of conviction, though, and there's a grudging acceptance that in the cold light of day it has been left behind."

I was loyal and stuck by it when everyone was moving ship to FIFA because i knew Konami had the right intentions and idea of how the game should be played but just couldn't execute them. I always thought it was a matter of time before we had another PES 5/6. But now ive lost hope, they just haven't improved enough and it seems like they cant adjust to this generation.

MadMax2564d ago

Go with Fifa12 or even the latest Fifa World Cup.