OXM: Dance Central 2 Review

OXM writes: For the next iteration of their hit franchise, Harmonix could have just released another 30-plus songs and some minor tweaks — the sophistication of their user interface and gameplay would’ve still trumped their Kinect competitors’. Instead, in Dance Central 2, they’ve not only overhauled everything and added new features, but also blended it all together to form a genre-defining package that offers incredible flexibility, a plethora of options, and true game-like feel.

It’s a type of game we didn’t even know we wanted. At first blush, the inclusion of a career mode and side-by-side play seemed as if it’d mess too much with the first game’s already-winning formula. But after spending some time in Dance mode, you soon realize there’s real meat in DC2, and the heart of that starts with the routines themselves. In both structure (the solo, co-op, and versus modes) and choreography, there’s a startling depth to be found.

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Zechs342657d ago

Great! Awesome score! Can't wait to get my hands on this!

EVILDEAD3602657d ago

Harmonix created another classic...DC was already outstanding and now they improved it. This and KS2 mean another year of partying at the house.


CernaML2657d ago

This is Harmonix. Greatness is to be expected. But it still doesn't make me want a Kinect.

I've already wasted money on the Playstation move. But I'll admit I'm interested to see what Harmonix would be able to cook up on that platform. lol

Still, I want to try this game out. The songlist looks a lot better than the first. Maybe I can get a friend of mine who owns a Kinect to pick up a copy.

AmaZinG2657d ago

31-12 is gonna be amazing over here, thats for sure