F.E.A.R Hands-On

Day 1 Studios have recently been releasing screenie after screenie for their rather morbid Xbox 360 title F.E.A.R. What's more, each set of shots seems to be getting better and better in terms of graphical prowess. Now 360 Monster has had the chance to test out F.E.A.R and see if its gameplay matches its graphics and if the PC port will be worth the whopping £50 price tag?

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eques judicii5858d ago

I actually never got the pc version (my computer is WAY out of date now) but now that its coming to 360 I will definitely pick it up. I hear its coming to ps3 as well, does anyone know anything about that version... like, will it include the bonus 360 level and other stuff?

God of Gaming5858d ago

I never played it on the PC but this last weekend I was able to find the demo.. WOW.. cant wait to play this game. Its just a solid shooter all around!

Sphinx5858d ago

...mucho badly. I just hope the online is worthwhile.

malachi235858d ago

Yep, i'll be getting this one on day of release!

ACE5858d ago

I will be getting this . amazing stuff (360 version)

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The story is too old to be commented.