RipTen Review: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

RipTen: Oh, and playing as Frank also brings back something that was sorely missing in Dead Rising 2: the camera. Most things fall into a category: erotic, brutality, horror, outtake, and drama. There are also secret PP locations and scenes that offer bonus points if you capture them, such as certain landmarks, special attacks, story-related sequences, or that peculiar spot in my pants.

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jaredhart2661d ago

Wicky wicky wild, wicky wicky wild
Wild Wild West, Frank West, desperado.
Infected, no you don’t want nada.
None of this, don’t mess with this, photojournalist,
I’ve covered wars yo, look it’s like I said bro.
Any showgirl that’s in distress
Be out of that dress when she meet Frank West
Combos so go check the maintenance door
Watch your step, don’t slip, there’s some puke on the floor
Zombrex in store, don’t miss injection time,
You don’t wanna see me rage, turn your brains to slime,
Fuck all of this, from the start of this, in Willamette,
Frank West, shamin’ the rest, with the biggest balls yet

Now who ya gonna call? *Not the Chuck Greenes*
Now who ya gonna call? *Muthafuckin’ Frankie*

Zombie heads and teeth I really wanna bust, freak out
before you get chainsawed at the (Wild Wild West)
When I stab into the (Wild Wild West)
When I slice into the (Wild Wild West)
When I chop into the (Wild Wild West)

CrzyFooL2661d ago


Seriously tho, this is probably better than DR2 just cuz of Frank.

Hitman07692661d ago

heard my buddy playing this the other day the sound was ridiculous all hell was breaking loose!

Vagrant2661d ago

Dead Rising reminds me of what I look like in the morning.

xPhearR3dx2661d ago

Might have to pick this up soon. Love Dead Rising, even if this is just a big expansion pack.