Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary hands-on preview [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARY offers new visuals on top of its old multiplayer experience. Does it do enough to impress? Read our hands-on preview to find out."

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wwm0nkey2616d ago

From the article:

"It’s the original Halo with online support and a new graphics engine."

This is 100% false, the Multiplayer is just Reach multiplayer.

Also lol @ the armor abilities adding "depth" into the game, AAs killed the feel of the game with Armor Lock being used as a pause button in the game, that is just bad game design.

LewisDenby2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I don't think that was meant to be taken 100% literally, but you're not quite right either. It's original Halo maps, with new game mechanics and engine added from Reach. Which is what the article says.

wwm0nkey2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Here is the tag line from the article

"HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARY offers new visuals on top of its old multiplayer experience."

The guy who wrote this clearly doesn't know what Anniversary multiplayer is. he even goes to insult the originals gameplay even though he is playing Reach.

EDIT: Here is another thing from the article

"What’s clear is that it feels like Halo but looks like Halo: Reach."

Very little research was done by the author before he published this.

Giddens2616d ago

The article was produced after hands-on play with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. The multiplayer build running was the original Halo CE multiplayer experience but with a new engine. The article clearly states this and also goes on to say about the Reach Multiplayer making an appearance in the package as well but likely as a separate entity.

There is a multiplayer component to Halo Anniversary beyond the Reach multiplayer. I know, I played it.

wwm0nkey2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I really hope you are not serious. I really really hope you are not. I pray this is a joke post.

343 has stated SEVERAL times even during Halo Fest that the CEA multiplayer is just Reach multiplayer. Go watch the Halo Fest Multiplayer panel and see for yourself.

Also dont pull that "I played it so I know what I am talking about" card. A lot of people have played it at Gamescom and PAX too.

blarg_wilson2616d ago

wwm0nkey is right, watch the Halo Fest panel

SJPFTW2616d ago

not the original with new graphics rather Halo Reach but playing classic slayer which tries to emulate the the old multiplayer including the old pistol.

both of you cant read the article

blarg_wilson2616d ago


Giddens here made the article and is misinformed about the whole thing it seems.

I mean if you are going to make an article at least do some research about it for a bit rather than spread wrong info about the game. Not trying to insult the guy but it really is an error on his part.

Stalker_UKCG2616d ago

Your wrong. The multiplayer you played is obviously Halo Reach's.

You played on a remake of the old damnation map but it was all running inside reachs multiplayer framework.

How did you not realize this?

Assassinations wernt in Halo CE:A

Hell the first image you used was a picture of the map you played but the player has a jetpack on.

A quick google search will tell you your wrong.

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Chuk52616d ago

I'm excited for the game and there is the option to turn AA off and play classic so there's that. When all is said and done though, Reach had great multiplayer but SP was very underwhelming. It's not a straight port, it's a re-imagining.

wwm0nkey2616d ago

Only thing I didnt like about Reach was

-lack of quality maps (will put that up to them trying to develop with AAs in mind)
-Armor lock abuse
-Reticule expansion caused a lot of lucky kills.

luckily though most of those complains have been addressed with the TU and the Anniversary map pack has 7 guaranteed to be good maps.

Chuk52616d ago

Very true. As for this article, I don't know what they were expecting. It's a re-imagining of Halo CE not a wholly new entry into the series. It's really for the fans, halo take it or leave it. In an atmosphere clogged with military shooters, it will be refreshing in its antiquated ways like Desu EX HR, or Dark Souls.

wwm0nkey2616d ago

True, but I also think whoever wrote this article really doesnt know a thing about CEA since he thinks that the MP is Halo CE multiplayer which it isnt.

Can't wait to see what Halo 4's MP is going to be like though.

MasterD9192616d ago

This should fill the REACH map void quite nicely.

Overdoziz2616d ago

There's no tactical side to Halo without Armor Abilities. I thought this was common knowledge? All the previous Halo games had no tactics at all. It was just a bunch of kids running around spraying their Assault Rifles.

People seriously haven't figured this out yet?


what rank were you in halo 2 ?

Overdoziz2616d ago

I was rank 50 just by using the Assault Rifle. It was so easy. Why do you think Call of Duty has so many players? People can actually use tactics by creating different classes and using different perks. Before Reach Halo didn't have this and thus there was no skill and were no tactics involved.

fuzunga2615d ago

So, basically, what you played was a new classic slayer gametype made to emulate the feel of the original Halo: CE on the straight remake of Damnation (not Penance)? If so, you should make that more clear.