Guardian Heroes Review (Empty Lifebar)

So there I was with my Golden Zombie Warrior partner about to fight the King. Suddenly two green knights appear and off the King. My parties response is to just take off, not after the knights but a completely different character fleeing the scene. He’s then knocked out immediately by a third antagonist that suddenly appears and the focus changes to this character. Guardian Heroes story unfolds like this depending on what choices you make after completing stages. The overall story has the same beginning and middle but the in-between parts of the story change as well as the ending. Most of it can seem like nonsense."

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Mingledorff2616d ago

I remember the good old days of rocking this on the Saturn. I hope the new graphics don't ruin it.

ViktorZangiev2616d ago

Hmmmm sounds pretty interesting. Think I'll probably get it. Hopefully plays as great as it sounds.

MWH2616d ago

i have it, the game is fantastic.

likemonstersdo2616d ago

Never played, guess it's time to start