Gears 3 designer: use the Gnasher, win more

OXM UK: "But new Gears isn't a "one weapon game", insists Epic man."

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Septic2562d ago

I found the Gnasher to be a bit too random for my liking. I know its a shotgun and thus, it has a lot of bullet spread, but even in close quarter encounters, the damage ot dealt seemed inconsistent; sometimes gibbing an enemy in one shot, other times taking several shots to down them.

But I do agree, adapting to play styles and weapons actually works in this. Every weapon has its advantages and whist I have my preferences, I recognise that in certain situations, some weapons will inevitably be better than others.

Sizzon2562d ago

Hammerburst with First Person Iron Sight and the Gnasher Shotgun ftw!

Oh and also the Boltok Pistol is so awesome to do headshots with.

HacSawJimThugin2562d ago

I love the Gnasher. Sometimes I win versus a Sawed-Off because I'm quicker on the trigger, but mostly I lose against it or sometimes we end up killing each other. My point is, I've gotten use to the fact that the Sawed-Off allows new players to enjoy the game and it has made me develop new defenses and tactics to avoid being on the business end of either weapon.

I try to teach my nephew not to run into a firefight Gnasher 1st, but his style of play dictates his decisions. He only likes the rifles for retro charging and chainsawing...and the majority of his friends play the same way. What do you do???

I've had matches where I've had 80 kills and matches where I can barely get 10. People expect to own in every match they play but it's not the case. There will always be someone better or who plays longer and develops the skills to become better quicker than you.

I was in between jobs when Gears 1 can out so I played that game more than any other game in my life. Gears 2 was pretty much the same plus I managed to get every achievement in the game. Long story short, no matter how good I thought I was there was someone better.

Systematrix2562d ago

I don't understand people complaining about overpowered weapons. If u think a weapon is overpowered then why aren't you using it to own your opponents?

creatchee2562d ago

My problem with the Sawed-Off is that it encourages a (pardon the expression) b*tch style of play - run in, shoot, dive away/wall bounce while reloading, repeat. That is literally what half of players on Gears do and it's kind of against the spirit of the game IMO

MasterD9192562d ago

Use grenades for those punks...let 'em walk into one you've planted in a convenient location and clean up the mess.

Systematrix2561d ago

There is no wrong way to play (glitchers aside). Yes some people don't use the sawed off "correctly", should make them easier to kill. Don't get mad though when they get the occasional Lucky gib on you, it happens.