Parents often bungle gaming gifts

USA Today article about the accuracy of parents when it comes to giving their children games they want to play. How close to the mark does your family get when buying games for you?

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ddldave4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

17 percent wants a 360, 19 percent wants a ps3. aaah i see the tide is already turning. wait until the numbers lower for 360 to 2 percent, then 34 percent wants a ps3.

littletad4011d ago

Yes those indeed are "accurate" numbers. Seriously it never gets old does it? You guys have been saying this for the past year and yet the ps3 is still outsold enormously by a "kids" console. In order for the ps3 to catch up to those ridiculous analyst predictions it would have to start selling 2-3 million a month nonstop.

Now on the software attachment rate for the 360...

PopEmUp4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Its stupid if parent buy a game console for their kids such as a ps3 or 360 not to mention a wii cause the unit come with a game since it first launch. But for the 360 or ps3 it be stupid not to buy a game with it, cause why would you buy a game console without a single game to play it, it's like buying a DVD player without a movie to watch

littletad4011d ago

The guy above is simply trolling and that's what I was referring to. However, your comment. How is it stupid to buy a kid a gaming console? It sounds like your taking some morally sanctimonious tone. What you have is an opinion, not fact or truth.