Bargain Bin [TPV] Review - James Bond 007: Nightfire

TPV's Phil: "Dum dum dum duuuum dum dum dum. Dum dum dum duuuum dum dum dum, DEER NEERRR DERR NERR NERR!!! I hope you sang that one at the top of your voice, this week’s bargain bin is the one and only 007 Nightfire. Everyone at one time has fantasised about being James Bond, the girls, the cars, the guns, the drinks. In my opinion, this game is as Bond as it gets"

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NarooN2561d ago

This is my favorite Bond game ever. I wish they'd do an HD remaster or something, complete with online multiplayer.

Jonmau52560d ago

I'd have to agree, if they did some sort of HD collection like Metal Gear Solid and Prince of Persia have done recently I think they would do really, really well.

Imagine a pack with Goldeneye, Nightfire and one of my favourites: The World Is Not Enough all in one box....

NarooN2559d ago

If they did that'd, I'd melt. I just wouldn't even know what to do with myself.