Icrontic: AMD Bulldozer (FX-8150) CPU review

It’s known by many names: Zambezi, Bulldozer, and FX to name a few. AMD calls it the future of computing.

It’s clear, however, that what they might be saying instead is “Welcome to the future of gaming.”

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Vip3r2563d ago

Monumental FAIL AMD.

Intel must be smug as hell now.

ChickeyCantor2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Well to be fair, if the software isn't optimized for more cores than it's written for. You will have a performance decrease.
That's why lots of software run better when fewer cores are selected for each running software.

Also what about all the other parts which play a big roll?

Vip3r2563d ago

It's more to the point of each core being grossly inefficient. Not only that but it consumes a larges amount of electricity too.