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Rachel D. of - "I must admit that when Eufloria was first described to me, I was skeptical. I love RTS games, but plants? Really? It all sounded rather silly. Still, the artistry of the game appealed to me and somehow I felt that the game had more to offer than what was on the surface."

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MultiConsoleGamer2657d ago

This game has a strange zen to it.

egidem2657d ago

Been playing this for the last couple of hours...intriguing.

thereapersson2657d ago

I love the relaxing games that the PSN offers. There really aren't many gaming experiences like this.

egidem2657d ago


I agree. Currently Kellee Santiago and her game company (thatgamecompany) which made Journey, Flower, flOw have people who make unique games. And I have to say that I enjoyed every single soothing and relaxing!

grailly2657d ago

I played the demo, the game is quite good, but I hate the way it controls, too bad :(

notimetobeidle2656d ago

Yeah, the reverse stick controls are weird. I'm quite accustomed to having the right stick control only the camera.