Top 5 Kinect Games We're Looking Forward To.

@Cleaverslips writes for @XG247: It’s been almost one year since the ability to make a fool of yourself in your front room without a controller came into our lives. The Kinect has had some detractors but certainly some fans. Super hit Child of Eden hit a mark but left us hungry. Fitness Evolved gave us another excuse not to go to the gym, and Kinect Fruit Ninja is a purchase you should have already made. So here, with Xbox Live Arcade in the mix, are XG 24/7’s top five games that we’re looking forward to for the Kinect.

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EVILDEAD3602616d ago

This years?

Forza 4 (tommorow) Autovista FTW!
Kinect Sports 2 (Golf, Darts, Football)
Dance Central 2
Motion Sports: Adrenaline (sleeper Kinect game of the year)
Fitness Evolved 2

Next year..

Mass Effect 3
Project Draco
Fable: Journey
Steel Battalion
The EA sports collection: Madden 2013, Tiger Woods 2013, Fifa 2013

Best game out now..Gunslinger


GoldenPheasant2616d ago

Things on a Move eh? Yo upstairs, you forgot to mention *smirks* Blackwater. That trailer is HOT!

Shadonic2616d ago

dont forget about power up heroes thats looking promising does that count as hardcore?

Gamer19822616d ago

Just Dance Central 2 for me from that list.

A7XEric2616d ago

For me it's Forza 4, Steel Battalion, Haunt, Project Draco, and Ryse.