EA SPORTS Cricket 07 Announced

EA today announced that the latest EA Sports Cricket game will ship this coming November on both PC ans PS2.

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EA Cricket 07, Dreadful but still most popular

Cricket 07 is a dreadful game but still most popular around all cricket games.

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Cricket Gaming Awards 2010 - Ashes Cricket 2009 is the Best

CricketGaming.net: Results of Cricket Gaming Awards 2010 is out now. Ashes Cricket 2009 wins the best cricket game award while the old cricket game Cricket 07 became the most popular cricket game. From old classics, Brian Lara Cricket 99 won the Best Classic Cricket Game award. The most amazing thing is to see Mindstorm Studios becoming the most promising cricket video game company.

Best Cricket Game - Ashes Cricket 2009
Best Online Cricket Simulation Game - Stick Cricket
Best Online Cricket Management Game - Battrick.org
Best Classic Cricket Game - Brian Lara Cricket 99
Most Popular Cricket Game - EA Sports Cricket 07
Most Promising Company - Mindstorm Studios

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mjolliffe5058d ago

How the hell does this get 140 degrees with 0 comments and 29 minutes after publishing?

It's Cricket games for god sake!

gaffyh5058d ago

Definitely cheating. Cricket is not popular on N4G especially considering most users are from the US.

Bathyj5058d ago

Greatest game of all.

If youve never watched Cricket, you should educate yourself.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie ! Going for 4 World Cups in a row.

CricketGaming5058d ago

Agree with you, Cricket is really a big sport in UK, Australia and India.

nix5058d ago

and Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa.

Leadweight5058d ago

Cricket is the only good thing the British did for the world

thematrix12985058d ago

I come from a country that plays cricket...let me tell you this game is lame. Most times you are fielding[lofting] just like baseball. Batting style is better than baseball but I think baseball rotates batting/fielding which is good whereas with cricket you are fielding for like 3 hours which is dumb IMO. Basically if you like baseball you MAY like cricket.

CricketGaming5058d ago

I don't agree with you. This is the only cricket game with realistic fielding and catches. They have tried to bring more and more realism in the game and I also think they deserve the best.

Another good job was done by Cricket Revolution by Mindstorm Studios.

saimcheeda5058d ago

baseball sucks, cricket rocks!

Bathyj5057d ago

I can understand if some people dont "get" cricket.

You might find it boring. A one day match goes for 6 hours.
Test Cricket (the full, proper and still best version) goes for 5 days and often ends in a draw.

The beauty of the game is the display of skills on display. You need mental toughness as well as physical. When you bat, you might be out there for hours and hours. You need to concentrate like a surgeon, every ball. That takes disipline.

When you bowl, you might bowl 100 balls in a day, and they have to be in the zone. Again, it takes incredible concentration.

In baseball youre out after 3 strikes. Youre only there for a couple minutes at a time. And the ball doesnt bounce, it can only swing in the air, so theres no chance of moving off the pitch. A cricket ball can move side to side, or bounce sharply, or stay down with little bounce. The batter has a fraction of a second to react to this.

In cricket they catch the ball with their hands, not with huge gloves. Wheres the skill in that? When fielding, you could be in the field all day, yet you must be sharp, every ball. You never know when a ball going 100mph will streak past your nose.

Cricket is as much a test of charactor as skill, and thats why its the best sport of all.

Cricket is also extremely tactical. Alot can happen over 5 days, or even one. Field positions, bowling changes, reading the changing pitch conditions and observing any technical faults in the batters technique are crucial. A 5 day game can turn on its head in a matter of minutes. A Captain really needs to think on his toes.

And not to be insulting, I'm not knocking baseball, or those who like it, but comparing baseball to cricket is like comparing checkers to chess.

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Cricket 07 Becomes Legendary

If you are still thinking to stop playing EA Sports' Cricket 07 then this patch may probably change your mind. Friend863, the patch maker of CricketGaming.net has done hard work on a new patch along with his friends named "Cricket Legends 2009".

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