Dark Souls Infinite Souls Exploit

GameFront, "Everyone knows Dark Souls is hard, and you will die, so check out our huge walkthrough to get help. But, there are other methods to gaining those souls you so desperately need to finally overcome the challenges of Dark Souls. Get 9000 souls every minute with this simple method, available after completing the first section of the game. Read on to get the goods."

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tickticktick2564d ago

I guess most people will be playing this offline

vickers5002564d ago

I'd play it offline even if there weren't a single person using exploits. There was nothing more in Demon's Souls that I hated than the bored black phantom a-holes who want to run in and f*ck up somebodies good time and hard work.

eak32564d ago

I remember the 1st time some asshole invaded my game. I shit my pants as it was a new experience and then proceeded to laugh my ass off after I kicked his ass.

vickers5002564d ago


The first time someone invaded me, I tried to run past him and he freaking pressed one button and killed me in a single backstab. I was also very new at the game at the time.

Tanir2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )


Dude......for real, Yesterday I was in the depths right, and fighting like 6 giant rats alone, then a black phantom appears, Im like F***!

I beat him and the rats, thhe player dropped 12000 souls, and a spiked shield which was sweet, then i took a few more steps....another black phantom spawned, im like WTF I exausted my Magic on the other dude,

this Black Phantom was no joke, ran as fast as the wind, slash so fast the sword was like a dagger to him, and when i blocked it broke my guard in 3 hits, sword almost 1 shot me, he then shoots a massive fire explosion that englufs almost the whole room, i dodge 4 of them heal up, then just to get one shotted by the 5th fireblast.

Not only did he screw me like that.....I had to go back into that dangerous place hoping I didn't die because i had the 12000 souls (or what was left) and 4 humanities on that soul.

as i make my way back, those huge eyed gas spitting things cursed me, i died, lost those 4 humanities, all those souls and now im cursed and have half HP.......

short version of the story.....he really screwed me over.

vickers5002564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )


Aww man, that really sucks. I personally don't have Dark Souls yet, just Demon's Souls, though I've played a bit of it just today at my friends house and it definitely seems a bit harder than Demon's Souls.

Damn man, you must have some pretty bad luck and an uncanny ability of attracting a-holes to your game.

Drekken2564d ago

Tanir, That was a NPC not a player. FROM planted a few throughout the game that pop in when you are human.

bangoskank2564d ago

Same here. But then I got cocky with my second invader and he destroyed me with magic.

Dark Souls is definitely a more brutal experience than Demons'Souls. I thought it was a picnic until after I defeated the armored boar. Keeping that gate open is a huge pain in the ass.

xyxzor2564d ago


Did you get kicked off a cliff also? If so, that was probably me XD

Solidus187-SCMilk2564d ago

Damn, I feel your pain tanner. I hated that area with the curse frogs.

Thats why I play offline or in hollow form most of the time. I really am struggling to survive against the computer, I dont nee black phantome of people who beat the game already with 5 characters coming tofight mee too.

Also the new factions or whatever that will invade you. Like one that steal dragon scales or whatever. The really rare thing to upgrade your rare weapon. yeah not risking that, id be pissed. And why bother with humanity if your just going to die and loose it, or survive and keep fighting off black phantoms whlie trying to make progress.

I just stay hollowed unless I want co-op people and I have like 20 humanities in my inventory that I just use right before summoning, turning human or kindling the fire.

outwar60102564d ago

lol whenever someone invaded my game and it was clear they were stronger than me i ran to my router and turned it off

frostypants2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I've found that 9 times out of 10, invading black phantoms have no idea how to fight properly, and if I'm in an area cleared of enemies, I take the invader off guard by going straight at him/her.

I see it as an opportunity. They may be the invader, but I make sure I'm dictating the fight, which is generally the opposite of what they were prepared for. The best feeling to be had in these games is getting the back-stab animation against a fleeing invader.

juggulator2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I got invaded yesterday while I was in Darkroot Garden. I saw the message that someone had invaded so I stopped what I was doing and went and found him. The dude threw lightning that tore right through my shield and he attacked really fast, but eventually I got in close range with the drake sword and took him down. My worst experiences so far is when I got cocky after beating the Bell Gargoyles I thought I could hang with the Capra Demon. I had like 20k souls on me and got slaughtered once then again before I could reach the bloodstain. I've also been cursed and had to give up 60k souls for absolution because I accidentally attacked two NPCs. But none of that matters because I LOVE Dark Souls.

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Drekken2564d ago

The item difference is 10%. These people leveling up so fast will spend most of their time alone.

Crystallis2564d ago

do you play offline soemtimes Drek?

Drekken2564d ago

I'm always online but never see summons or get invaded. Im lvl 62.

_Q_2564d ago

Cool. Ima check this out.

ScubaSteve12564d ago

can anyone explain to me, how the heck can a black phantom invade my world. When i was logged of from psn automatically, and dark souls servers?

Lord_Sloth2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

AI Black Phantoms. Yes, they programmed invasion bots.

rdgneoz32564d ago

AThere are a few places where AI black phantoms will spawn if you're in human form. One is near the second bonfire in Blighttown, "Maneater Milford". And another is in the Painted World. Each of the ai phantoms drop unique weapons, butchers blade or such for maneater and the other drops a barbed whip.

Captain Qwark 92564d ago

and maneater is a bitch lol easiest guy i fought in the game

frostypants2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I also had an AI invader come at me in the sewers. THAT'S a bad place for it (curse-spewing frogs everywhere).

And yeah, Maneater Mildred was a cakewalk.

Lord_Sloth2564d ago

Might as well play it offline. Seriously, it's not like I can work with my brother, which was the whole reason I purchased this game as we conquered Demon's Souls together!

Any1 notice how they gave so many new ways to invade yet not a single new way to summon?

frostypants2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I haven't noticed that, actually.

Getowned2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

whats wrong with just finding the Soul sign and summoning ?

tho dark souls as a open world mmo'ish type game might be people before entering a area and party up would be cool,like join some one at campfire/nexus and then fight your way to the boss.

outwar60102564d ago

finally a reason to buy this game lol

outwar60102564d ago

i loved demon souls but i also love glitches to put things back in balance i should PWN every game i own!!!

Blacktric2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Balance? Both Demon and Dark Souls are two of the most balanced games I've ever seen. Enemies require patience and observation and they're not overpowered unless you're just a guy who likes to attack directly without thinking. And you're nothing more than a pathetic cheater who's afraid to invest his time to experience this amazing game fully like all others do.

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