[Complex Magazine] Review: Despite All My "RAGE"

With a brand new engine and a reinvigorated team, it really looked like id was back on track to deliver the triple-A experience the world once expected of them.

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Chuk52656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I do enjoy that song but there are better songs on MC

Perjoss2657d ago

"Whether you’re fetching scrap parts from mutant-infested strongholds, clearing paths to mutant-infested strongholds, or clearing out nearby mutant-infested strongholds"

The reviewer didn't come across any Bandits or Authority enemies then?

Laxman2162657d ago

Yeah, I found there were more Bandits/Authority soldiers than mutants in the game as a whole.

MasterD9192656d ago

I found the mutants far more entertaining than the authority....

Borderlands has enemies exactly like the authority as well.