360 HD-DVD comes in at £200?

Although official confirmation has yet to arrive, Microsoft is almost certain to give its add-on HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 a price-tag of £199 in the UK.

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DC RID3R5858d ago

£150, but £200 isn't bad!!
considering a stand alone hd-dvd player costs more than double of the add-on, it's a fair deal.

dfb19775858d ago

That was gonna go on a PS3. Seeing as I can't get that may aswell buy this and a couple of games

Silentscope5858d ago

So how much is that in US Dollars? From the last two comments, it sounds like it's fair price.

The Snake5858d ago (Edited 5858d ago )

It depends on where you look. posts it at ~$372.60, while posts it at $373.12. These exchange rates vary slightly day by day, so according to this article it should be between $370 and $375. Also, many British people say things tend to cost more there so maybe it will be more like $300 - $350. Of course since this price is only a rumor in the first place, it may cost even less. We'll find out when they announce it.