PS Vita: Don't throw away your UMD games just yet...

PlayStation Vita buyers with a chest full of UMDs may not need to worry about their PSP games going to waste.

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TheBeast2568d ago

"special price" wtf? I bought the UMD, it should be free >.>

TheDareDevil2568d ago

Agreed. If you have already purchased the game, it makes no sense for Sony to charge you again just to play 'your' game again on the Vita. A simple solution is to register you games via your PSP on the PSN and then when you sign into your account again using the Vita, you should have the option of downloading and playing those games on the Vita.

But the later models of the PS3 didn't have backwards compatibility with PS2 games, which means that for some reason, Sony are not too keen on backwards compatibility.

Ulf2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

They should definitely charge for the service, if they want Vita software to succeed in lieu of pirated software. Do you think the mechanism that downloads the UMD also shreds the physical disc, so you can't just turn around and sell it?

Or return it to your pirate friend?

TheDareDevil2568d ago

Good Point, but it still doesn't make sense to charge you for a game that you have already bought. Another option is to return your UMD to a retail store and get a download code for the Vita version of the same game in exchange. This may not work in all countries, but it's a likely option.

Baka-akaB2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )


That's not the consumer's problem ... and he shouldnt be treated as a potential thief from the get go .

If the vita gets hacked , those with umd will feel the pain of having been charged for nothing .

just use a return policy .

DigitalAnalog2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

You bought a PSP game for the PSP, that entire payment was for the production, sale and product MEANT for the PSP, for the PSP and ONLY the PSP. You did NOT pay for the soft copy so why should you be given that bonus service.

Any other service (like backwards compatibility) should be considered an incentive and not mandatory feature. It's not like your game will entirely disappear when a new console arrives.

Don't forget that unlike the PC the closed-based systems have their own proprietary/standard format designed for that particular period. Any unforseen advancement such as: UMD to Card, DVD to DD must not incur any penalty for the company as their hardware must be designed for the current gen in mind. I mean, with that logic, we should be complaining at Nintendo for not allowing us to use our NES/SNES/N64 cartridges for the Wii since they tried to charge us again AND again on the Wiiware and 3DS. But what do you suggest they do, create an add-on to support said software?

Luckily for DD, the standard would be easily transferable irregardless of technology provided, however one should be thankful SONY is allowing a "cheaper" alternative to keep your games since they could've asked you to re-download it for a higher price.

Heartnet2567d ago

It makes perfect sense.. ur not buying another psp so why shud u be able to even play Psp games? thats just a priviledge which sony may give you...

U have a psp play it on that lol

Highlife2567d ago

Then keep your psp. It will work on that. They don't have too make it work on the vita they are moving forward. No one is making you rebuy. I don't get this notion that some people have that when a new system comes out they should support their old games on the new system.

MaxXAttaxX2567d ago

It's like having bought a movie on VHS but then wanting the DVD version for free.

SilentNegotiator2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

"Andriasang today reported on an anonymous retailer who claimed to have attended a Sony sales briefing"

I stopped reading there. "Journalists" take so many liberties to make Sony look bad with "insider sources". This is getting beyond ridiculous.

inveni02567d ago

It's no one's right to be able to play PSP games on the Vita. Backward compatibility is awesome when allowed, but it is not something that Sony should have to include.

An example would be Microsoft Windows. A few weeks ago, I had a garage sale. I found a ton of old PC games that I thought would be cool for my kids to play, but upon trying to install them, they either wouldn't install because the version of Windows wasn't supported, or they wouldn't install because they wouldn't run in a 64-bit environment.

Not Microsoft's fault. Not my right to be able to play it. If I want to play The Oregon Trail, I'll have to buy it again. Just like if you want to play your old Nat King Cole vinyl in your CD have to buy the CD (or make an illegal copy). Sony isn't responsible for giving everyone CD versions of all their cassette tapes.

So I think we should just be thankful that there's a discount at all, let alone that it's even possible to play it on the platform in the first place.

DJMarty2567d ago

@TheDareDevil - You purchased a game for use on PSP, they are well within ther rights to charge for use on VITA. It's probably costing Sony $$$ to get the rights to convert to Vita.

PS3 backwards compatibility was a early adopter bonus.

Doubt it's Sony are not too keen on backwards compatibility. It's just been hard getting right to the huge back catalog of PS2 clasics. Many were only released in certain regions which makes it harder still to get rights.

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CloseSecond2568d ago

@thebeast. yeah, I purchased VHS they should work in my DVD.

Ultr2568d ago


They wont take your PSP away! hell if you want to play your purchased psp games then play them on the psp!
really I dont see the problem, Its already great they make all the downloaded games work on the vita!

RememberThe3572567d ago


We bough PSP game for the PSP, if Sony has a service that transfers your PSP games to you Vita it's not going to cost them nothing to run it. If you want a service be willing to pay for it. the online thing seems to have left people spoiled.

FragGen2567d ago

If they provide this service and it costs a reasonable price, I will use it.

BlmThug2567d ago Show
narutogameking2567d ago

No, it shouldn't be free. You'll have to re-download your UMD games onto the Vita. This will cost Sony money and it will be a load on THEIR servers.

Anyway just play your UMDs on PSP. That's what they were made for.

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kulex472568d ago

I Agree, they have to charge something, otherwise you could just "borrow" these games and "say" their yours and get them "again" for free, gotta charge something.

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sashimi2568d ago

Or Sony can just not have a solution at all, Seems that is the way to go with all the QQing. You bought the physical copy of the game and regardless you'll still own it along with the Psp you bought it for. That however does not mean you own a digital copy...I bought the GOW:Origins collection in bestbuy...does that mean i'm entitled to the digital version on PSN?

Baka-akaB2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

It's a poor argument . GOW in psn isnt the same game . It got bonusses like HD remastering . And same goes for ps3 re-release of psp games , with even more added to them sometimes

sashimi2568d ago

Still, the Psvita is made to play Vita games, any legacy support is just an added bonus since they are moving away from UMD(thx god). And if no umd support is the price we have to pay to move away from umd then it is worth it, honestly is it too much trouble to ask people to keep their Psp around?

When people bought their Psp games, they knew full well that it was for the Psp and not some future unknown device. If some people were smart enough they would've seen this coming and switched to PSN digital copies.

LNDCalling2568d ago

I think its fair.. come on what do you want them to do just give away games for free... its a buisness!

"Hey Sony I bought Angry Birds on my phone so I think you should let me download it free from PSN too!.."

God they're different platforms!!! if you want to play it, go play it on your PSP it'll probably look better anyway rather than on a bigger higher rez screen.

If you like a game that much you want it on your new 'platform' too then your gonna pay again and Sony are meeting gamers half way (seemingly).

I wouldn't be supprised if people start saying that they bought a PSP so Sony should give them a Vita free or at a reduced price.. where does the madness stop??..

Baka-akaB2568d ago

flimsy argument . It's a new platform with the advertised feature of playing the original games from the previous one for free .

And you can avoid such loopholes by having a return policy of some sort for umd . Everyone seems fine with returning non working discs of games or consoles to repair ... it's hardlythat different and a stretch .

PS :
i'm arguing a lot for something i dont even care about midn you . I hate umds as a support . They are a pain to carry around and got horrible loading times , so i always refused very early on to buy umd versions of games .

LNDCalling2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

If Sony are indeed advertising Vita as you say i.e. That it can play all games from the PSP 'free' then I agree, but I doubt thats the case as they'd have advertising standards on their arses and be fined! In which case it remains as I believe in that its a choice, the gamers choice, if they want the freedom to play physical games they own on another format, Sony aren't making them buy the games again!

This is one of the problems with digital distribution.. I prefer owning physical games with the exception of UMD's lol I hate them as much as you seemingly, long loading, awkward to carry and drained the battery! With handhelds I think digital is preferable even though it goes against my usual thoughts!

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