Dark Souls: Special Boss “Souls” Usage

Similar to Demon’s Souls, certain bosses in Dark Souls will drop special souls that you can use for two things; convert it to regular souls or make a unique weapon.

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icewater852653d ago

The boss in the picture is a pain in the ass.

Blaine2653d ago

Not if you're a bigger pain in his.

See what I did there? ;)

Stay behind him and, when he sticks his pole in the ground, take a few steps back because that's a fireball that reaches all around him. Take a few shots at his ass here and there, when it's safe, and he'll eventually go down. Not a big deal.

Psychonaughty2653d ago

All of the bosses are a pain in the ass! Just killed Sif the wolf and wow what a bitch! (see what I did there!).

BABY-JEDI2653d ago

I'm way too busy at the moment, running away from these guys LoL