Batman: Arkham City Dev: 'Superman Not Suited To Games'

NowGamer: Rocksteady on lack of good Superman games.

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WolfLeBlack2565d ago

I'm an agreement. It's hard to make a game when your lead character is incredibly powerful. That's actually the reason why I'm not a fan of the Superman comics. Of course you could create a game using a story hook that limits his powers, like Mortal Kombat managed to do, but then it feels a little cheap.

skyward2565d ago

Batman's a much cooler character, for sure. Still be interested to see a game nail Supes though - but how to do it without stripping his powers away?

jagstatboy2565d ago

you'd have to mix in the use of kyrptonite in the game, as well as villians that are just as powerful like Bizarro least have a Bizarro level in the game if not base the whole game on that.

Commander_TK2565d ago

Just bring in Doomsday and he'll kick his ass. Lol, anyway, would love to c a good Supes game. He was always my favorite superhero behind Spidey.

Objective2565d ago

Have you seen Asura's Wrath? That dude power level makes Superman look like a newborn kitten, yet the game looks to be potentially awesome!

TheTwelve2565d ago

There are a lot of guys more powerful than SuperMan in the DC Universe, but they are rather corny and not fitting for a good game/story.


Brownghost2565d ago

I felt superman was boring and a generic super hero but I did love all star suoerman

MariaHelFutura2565d ago

They should make a "real" spiderman game. Dark,gritty, open world, stealth focused one. Their are a lot of better heroes than SM, but some needs to do him a great game, because he has had more than enough mediocre ones. SM2 was close, but not close enough.

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TimmyShire2565d ago

I don't think I've ever played a Superman game. Probably because - New Adventures Of Superman aside - I tend not to enjoy anything with Superman in it.

WhiteLightning2565d ago


You know what is suited for a good video game but really hasn't had a good one, Spiderman.........just saying...Hint Hint

labaronx2565d ago

for the ps2 nailed what a spiderman game should be like. everyone moved away from it though. ultimate spiderman for the ps2 was also really good

WhiteLightning2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

It was an alright game with those features it presented but the movie tie in plot and those elements which make games always fall into the "Movie Tie in Curse" is what kept it from being a really good game or even breaking the "curse" it's self

Yet not one developer after saw what made that game more liked then other movie tie in games.

If we had a open world city map like the size of Just Cause 2's map, the side missions/morality feature from inFamous and a good story from could be an amazing game.

labaronx2565d ago

the games story is lackluster, but the open world random crimes, the upgradeable character, and controls were what made the story great

the template is there... it was similar in ultimate spiderman,

it's all up to developers to pull a story from spidey's 60+ year history....

i would love to see rockstar's take on the web-slinger

WhiteLightning2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

"it's all up to developers to pull a story from spidey's 60+ year history"

You know it's funny how with 60 years worth of Spiderman stories they haven't been able to create an amazing Spiderman game yet

It's like the new film coming out....60 years worth of stories and they do another Origin story.

I would of liked to see a film or even game from Rocksteady featuring an older Spiderman in his early thirties where he's battle villains multiple times untill he's faced with a new challenged..............actual ly since I'm not a comic buff has there been a comic featuring an older Peter Parker/Spiderman. Would love to see film/game based on a Darker, wiser Peter Parker. The whole young Spiderman thing is getting stale now that's why I hate how the film has set it when he's in Highschool.

Michael-Jackson2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

It will never happen because Warner Bros owns Rocksteady... and DC. Marvel is it's rival so it can never happen.

I also think Sucker Punch can make a great Spider-Man game but chances of that happening is also very unlikely.

death2smoochie2565d ago

Based on the past Superman games, I am inclined to agree....

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