Why Local Multiplayer is Still the King of Gaming

In late 2006, I was introduced to Xbox Live. It was absolutely brilliant. I could play anybody, at any game, anytime. For the next few years I was set, and spent most of my gaming time playing online. That is, until the novelty wore off. What really makes a great multiplayer experience? In an online world of high-pitched, abusive northern ten year-olds, it’s easy to forget how great things were in the good old days, with a just room full of friends and two controllers.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2654d ago

I really could've never played Local multiplayer good. I hated that the screens to be Split.
Online changed the gaming scene for me which is why i switched from Console to PC in 2002 for the online play and went back to console with the 360/ps3 because they had my favorite feature.

_DarkCharizard_2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I remember playing contra & street fighter 2 with my friends as a kid... Never had so much fun ;)

I played new super mario bros just yesterday and it was great too, but it didn't quite do the same thing. I hope the new Kirby game is great!

But seriously, split-screen sucks.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2653d ago

hah but those were not split screen, good fun Street Fighter 2

KMCROC2654d ago

Use to love couch co-op, but the one thing that i hated about it was the screen divide , wish some one would create a couch co-op where the line was no longer visible. does anyone know if possible at all.

BuffMordecai2653d ago

Love local play, its always better to play with friends in the same room. Even better when you can play with those same people and go online, like in halo, warhawk, and cod.

Mansour4492653d ago

Because the ping is 0 or 1 ms.

StealthyRay2653d ago

Anonymous Trash talking is one of the worst - it comes from people who would be afraid to say nasty things eye to eye to a real person.

I remember LAN parties where everyone knew each other - The first DOOM and the first Warcraft and Command & Conquer. I would wack the head of the dominating player with a roll of paper, and all would still laugh. That's fun.

However now that my friends and I are all in our 40's, there's hardly any time left for a gaming night - only time to meet for some coffee. Life takes over.

Angrymorgan2653d ago

Lol, I used to love system link on mine and my brothers ps1's, we used to drag his tv in my room, put them back to back and play command and conquer for hours.....good times

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