Devil May Cry 4 playable at TGS

Most anticipated has to be Devil May Cry 4 for the PlayStation 3. Since the game was revealed several E3s ago very little has been seen, but over the last week new images and info have been filtering through. Capcom has stated that although playable at the show, they'll only be putting the game on 12 demo units, so be prepared to wait to get some hands-on time.

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Gamer135859d ago

TGS should be good this year and its still earley days in the next gen.


tatical5858d ago

Finally, some good news.

TheMART5858d ago

I really think MS has something up on the sleeve together with Capcom on this one on TGS for 360, really

PS3 Ultimate5858d ago

You're wrong. 360 is not going to have DMC4. Devil May Cry 4 will be ONLY for The PLAYSTATION 3!

PS3 Ultimate5858d ago

That DMC4 will overkill Halo 3 and GOW.

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