Xbox360 Dashboard Update

As everyone knows by now Microsoft issues two updates per year to the Xbox Live dashboard in an effort to improve its functionality.

The next update is currently scheduled to hit the Xbox360 in November, probably around the time the Playstation 3 launches in the USA, although that is just speculation.

One of the changes that will be immediately noticeable is that the Xbox Live Arcade screen is getting a makeover. It will now show an Xbox Live Arcade image for its loading screen. The icons themselves will be wider and generally just look better.

Another feature is the games screen will have a "Launchpad" option where you can play demos as well as XNA games. However, to play the XNA games, you must be a registered XNA user.

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Nodoze5858d ago

These seem like very minor changes. I would like to see the name of the disc that is presently loaded in the drive displayed in the dash. Additionally they need to allow for more visualizations for the 'media player' which at present are way too trippy. How about a graphic eq type display ala Winamp!? Additionally they need to properly organize the videos. Some appear under videos, others on game videos (even though they are clearly not game videos) etc. How about some RSS feeds for the dash, and a true web browser. I have the MCE browser but that thing is a pain in the arse to use. If Sony can make a browser, why can't MS.....don't they own the browser market!?

Microsoft Master5858d ago

The point Microsoft is trying to make is that this
is primarily a games console. They have edged towards the Xbox becoming like a computer but will never cross that 'gap' because they want their to be differences. If the 360 was just a PC but cheaper....who would buy the PC??? They need both markets for double the profit.

Marriot VP5858d ago

The reason you don't impliment a web browser on a console is because people can download content online directly to their PS3 HDD or 360 HDD. You thinking what I'm thinking

Modders now, no longer have to mod their systems HDD because the internets already there. In fact the 360's HDD still hasn't been modded, only it's disc drive.

So that's why, and yes people would still have to buy a PC to run download programs, word, printers, and many other devices.

Marriot VP5858d ago

Also to note is the PS3's dashboard and browser is LINUX. And if anybody knows how linux runs, it's very very easy to mod with and change everything it runs.

God of Gaming5858d ago

I Doubt this is all the changes.. they had a massive list on the last update and we have 2 months until this hits. But for these changes I like the new look!! Cant wait to hear more!