A Conversation You’ve Never Heard Before

An obviously fictional conversation between an Xbox-only gamer and a primarily PlayStation gamer that...wait...doesn't contain any name calling and seems to end in peace?

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user98412884189d ago

would be nice if people weren't so hateful ;)

imoutofthecontest4189d ago

Trusted words from an analyst and a therapist. You might say you're something of an "analrapist."

imoutofthecontest4188d ago

"I feel like a Mary without a Peter and a Paul."

PeZuS4188d ago

I always end up on all fours... like a cat

saladthieves4188d ago

How did this get approved?? Why do people write things like these??

ChickeyCantor4189d ago

Implying that 360 and PS3 gamers only like a certain genre of games.


imoutofthecontest4189d ago

Writing out nods to every single genre would have been a bit long, don't you think?

ChickeyCantor4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Perhaps just saying "I don't like gears of war" and "I don't like Heavy rain" would fit better don't you think?

imoutofthecontest4189d ago

I don't follow. You don't like those games? I suppose they're not for everyone but they seemed like good examples of quality exclusives on each console. Perhaps you feel they were not the best choices and for that I apologize.

ChickeyCantor4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

My second comment makes less sense, what i meant was:

"I’ll bet you’d enjoy something like Heavy Rain."
"I’m a big fan of action games, particularly pop-n-shoot"

Both sides provide games in equal spectrum.
However you implied that PS3 lovers only like passive-action, novel-like games and 360 lovers only like action shooters.

I just thought it was funny. More like Ironic.

imoutofthecontest4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

I don't think that picking those particular exclusives implies that any given person only likes that genre or only that game, they were just examples of exclusive titles on each console.

Each one having a good offering of games is the whole point ^_^ You realize it and that's great, but it's just tiring to see alllll the venomous hate over non-issues, you know? Lots of nitpicking about which system has the best version of multiplatform games, taking a dump on the "other system's" exclusives even though they know dang well they wouldn't be talking that same trash if the tables were turned. So tiring.

gamingdroid4188d ago

I like options and right now there are options.

Take your pick, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 or PC!

If you are like me, you got all four albeit, my PC does need a slight upgrade on the graphics card.

Baka-akaB4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

" don't follow. You don't like those games? I suppose they're not for everyone "

Even being fan of a genre , doesnt mean you'll like every franchise included in it .

I can't stand gears of war for various reasons , mainly the design and appeal that didnt pull me into it . But i'll love stuff like Vanquish and Uncharted easily from the same genre .

I'm a major jrpg fan , but hate Lost odyssey or FFVIII ... etc .

"Lots of nitpicking about which system has the best version of multiplatform games"

yeah i agree that it's most of the time silly . You shouldnt care if you dont have a choice in consoles , in most cases .
And those that have both , dont have them running side by side examining it pixel by pixel . You'll probably just pick a favorite among the two , or wich got most of your friend online

NCAzrael4188d ago


Right there with you. Well, except for the PC needing an upgrade. My PC has actually gotten the most attention lately, thanks largely to Rage, the BF3 beta, and The Old Republic beta.

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BushLitter4188d ago

I just wasted 45 seconds of my life

And now another 30 posting this comment

jacksonmichael4188d ago

That only took you 45 seconds to read? And yet, posting this took you 30? Sir, I doubt your math.

BushLitter4187d ago

With regard to the 45 seconds - I'm a law student. Fast reading is a necessity :)

With regard to the 30 seconds - I'm a slow typist :)

Canary4188d ago

Goddamn that was a poorly written and awkward article.

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