Here's your first look at Marvel Universe's Wolverine

GamesRadar reports: "Unlike other super-powered MMOs, Gazillion's Marvel Universe will actually drop players into the tights of well-known comic book characters. Instead of being forced to make cheap knock-off characters we'll actually be able to play as Gambit, Spider-man, and Wolverine. Today, the first image of Wolverine has been released, and he looks, well, exactly like we expected he would look."

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Pikajew2666d ago

Looks great. I am happy it will be F2P

ZombieAssassin2666d ago

Nice, they should bring it to consoles as well.

Baka-akaB2666d ago

i Bet they will . After IF the concept is to create as many little mirror instanced universes as needed so everyone play the heroes and villaisn they like , each session wont need to be overly massive and populated , at least not as usual , and could be more easily handled by consoles