Price Check: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3

Last August I tallied up the "Xbox 360 experience" on Kotaku. The idea at the time was that while the Xbox 360 was as little as $300, that didn't really deliver the full experience and even $400 didn't give you everything you really needed to fully appreciate the Xbox 360.

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BIadestarX5858d ago

What if I don't want HD-DVD -$199.
What if I don't want wireless -$100.
What if the PS3 internet is not free, limited like Nintendo (only first party will support online play for now), is too laggy or suck?
What if HDMI is not required to play games on HD (which is why the cheaper PS3 SKU don't have one)?
What if you get deals like the one here ($349):
What if the 360 gets a price drop in November?
What if the 360 have more games than the PS3?
What if the 360 allows you to make your own game (XNA and game studio) and the PS3 does not?
What if the PS3 keep getting downgraded and there is no apparent different in graphics to the 360?
what if the PS3 gets delayed in Europe till march or later?
what if no one can get a PS3 because there are massive shortage at launch.

Bottom line is, no matter how people would like to put it, cheaper is cheaper. Who ever is going to by a PS3 will and they are entitle to do wherever they want with their money.
The same goes with the 360. There are too many variables that make a person want a console over the other.
Price comparison it's just simply stupid.

Captain Tuttle5858d ago

It's obvious that the big issue here is the HD drive. No matter what Sony says, it's not needed for games. I choose not to buy one for my 360. PS3 owners don't have that choice. I'll take that extra $200 and buy more games.

Runnin n Gunnin5858d ago

The article fails to mention the fact that many people dont want a blu ray player and an hd dvd player. Microsoft is giving its customers a choice, unlike sony who is forcing blu ray down everyone's throats.

highps35858d ago (Edited 5858d ago )

There shouldnt be a lay and change kit for the Ps3 as it charges through USB.

Happy spending :)

achira5858d ago

i will buy a ps3, its not so important if it costs 400 bucks or 600 bucks, because if you have 400 you have also 600. and i think the ps3 is far more worth then the xbox360, by faaaaaaaar.

lalaland5858d ago (Edited 5858d ago )

What if we look at it from a gamers perspective -- or even three:

Gamer one -- the poor lonely student:
Don't need online play and will only play his new console by himself on his good old SD TV. No wireless is needed because he practically sits on top of his TV. He insists on getting a X360 or PS3. Will play on his new console for the next two years, and expects to use savepoints in games regularly.

Gamer two -- the hardcore gamer:
Likes online play, downloads and sitting in front of his bigscreen SD TV with a couple of his mates. Wireless controllers is a preference because it's just easier when sitting in a group. He doesn't need WiFi because he gets internet-access via cable-modem. He will play on his console for atleast two years. He couldn't care less about a headset.

Gamer three -- the tech-head:
Everything has got to be top-notch. Need WiFi because his internet-access is in his office and it's WiFi already. Loves watching HD-content on his new bigscreen HD TV, but hasn't acquired a HD-player yet and he doesn't mind to connect through component-cables. Loves playing online, downloading demos and all that stuff. He regularly invites his mates over for some intense gaming. He will play on his console for atleast two years. He expects to download loads of demos, videos and other content, so 20GB just doesn't cut it -- 60GB is probably more like his sweet spot. He'll probably store some of hit personal photos and music on it as well or use it together with his Mediacenter PC in the office. He wants to chat vocally online.

Now to the price comparrison. To make it fair and easy, all prices are SRP and rounded:

Gamer one:
XBox 360 Core: $299
Memory unit: $40
Total: $339

PS3 "Core": $499
Total: $499

Gamer two:
XBox 360 Premium: $399
2-year XBL Gold: $50 x 2
Wireless Controller: $50
Two Play and Charge Kits: $20 x 2
Total: $589

PS3 "Core": $499
Online play: Free
Wireless Controller: ~ $50
Controller charges through USB: free
Total: $549

Gamer three:
XBox 360 Premium: $399
2-year XBL Gold: $50 x 2
Wireless Controller: $50
Two Play and Charge Kits: $20 x 2
Wireless Networking Adaptor: $100
HD-DVD drive: ~ $200
60GB harddrive expansion: ~ $200 (based on 20GB HD price: $99)
Total: $1099

PS3 "Premium": $599
Online play: Free
Wireless Controller ~ $50
Controller charges through USB: built-in
Wireless Networking Adaptor: built-in
Blu-Ray drive: built-in
60GB harddrive: built-in
Headset: ~ $20
Total: $669

So for two of the three "gamers", the PS3 is actually a pretty good bargain, and with the PS3 comes a Blu-Ray drive. Disclaimer!!! I know DVD-drives can give faster gameloading than Blu-Ray drives, but the PS3 has got a harddrive for caching as standard and got more space for content, so for this example I think those arguments evens out. I know not everybody needs wireless controllers, but most I know have bought them, and this is just an example. For those stating 20GB is enough, again this is an example, and I personally don't know anybody who hasn't filled their 13GB free space to the brim. If one were to upgrade the harddrive to more than 60GB, it would be considerably cheaper on PS3 because of it using standard harddrives. The headset is in the PS3-pack because it's free in the X360 Premium pack. Since HDMI is not necessary for the coming two years and it's apparently not on the HD-DVD drive for X360, I've skipped it in this comparison.

Personally I'm gamer three without the headset and Mediacenter but with HDMI....

Captain Tuttle5858d ago

are a little out of whack. My 360 premium cost me 359.00. My two years of Xbox Live cost me $70 ($35 x 2). I still haven't seen anything to suggest that Sony's online service is going to be free. That's a pretty big assumption. Actually, I hope it is because then Microsoft will be forced to offer their service for free in order to compete. I just don't think Sony's going to be able to do it. At least not with any kind of quality and certainly not at launch.

lalaland5858d ago

I do state SRP... One might be able to find the PS3 cheaper than the SRP as well... So to make it even-stephens I use the SRP's... But even with your "special internet deal" reduction, it's still just about the same for both systems for gamer two and still a lot cheaper for gamer three to go with PS3.

THAMMER15858d ago (Edited 5858d ago )

My 360 was $400.00, $19.99 x2 for play and charge kits, all the games I have bought collective = 6 games total $360.00 and 1 year of xbl. $50.00 total =$850.00 w/o tax. Not bad right. I also got madden free and kameo free too. (Kameo was a good game real fun.) So 8 games but i did not pay for them. I do not need wifi so I did not buy. The BR/HD DVD thing is over rated untill the movie selection beefs up

Just to start with the PS3 $600.00 because I would not want the retard pack. 2x games $120.00. Extra Joystick because I have friends and family $50.00. Charger cables? I do not know how much they will cost Sony has not told us yet. So I will guess for 2 of them $40.00. Total $810.00 just to satart.

PS3 Would cost me $810.00
360 did cost me $840.00 for my 1st year of being an owner.

Only two games and I will be with in $40.00 of where I am with my 360 today and I've played 8+ games and bought XBL subscriptions too. It just dose not even out right. HD DVD play back is not as important and HD games. The only reason why people argue over this is because the PS3 comes BR ready btu seems to me to be lacking in the games department.

Captain Tuttle5858d ago

I think that you should not even use Sony's Live service as an option, though. I've seen nothing lately regarding it and, unless someone can convince me otherwise, am going to lean towards it not being free if it will exist at all.

lalaland5858d ago

You are off with your prices. Look closely and see I only state the price on the consoles and not the games, since your choice in games may differ from mine. I might be completely satisfied with XBL Arcade games at $5 a piece, while you'll go for the big $60 games. And so far there is no indication pricing on games will differ by much if any between the systems (I have read the interview stating PS3 games will be more expensive than $50 -- well, so are the X360 games).

AND I do state that for a hardcore gamer (gamer two) the X360 amounts to $589 and that is with two years of XBL (I guess you would agree that you'll play your X360 for atleast two years online -- otherwise it would be a pretty bad investment or XBL not really be what you had hoped for).

Now on to the PS3, where you seem pretty misinformed. The PS3 "Core" actually resembles the X360 Premium in every regard (except for the headset), so no need to spend $600 on a "premium" when $500 will suffice for a good gaming machine.

The wireless controllers gets charged through standard USB connectors/cables as stated on the official PS3-website. I'm pretty confident those will be included, but if not, they'll be cheap at your local wallmart -- not $20 cheap.

So it's still just $549 for the PS3 as I've stated above.

If you still disagree and believe the $600 PS3 is the only one for you, then check out my gamer three comparison, because then you seriously would need to pimp your X360 as well.

The only point you are completely and utterly correct about, is your one year+ advance, and the extra money spent on X360 could easily be justified by that. ... However new gamers out buying this christmas, if they use pure logic, won't find it that way (looking at the games getting subjective feelings about each console, their views may alter).

DJ5857d ago

And it's amazing how much extra money one would have to spend on the 360 to get most of the functionality of the PS3 (and as we see, it can go up to a total of $1000, and you still don't get games taking advantage of the HD-DVD drive in the 360).

I think lalaland did a good job of putting the pricing strategies together. And hey, if you don't use online gaming or care about hi-def movies the 360 is obviously cheaper. But add those options in (just those options, not even the other stuff) and you end up spending 250 dollars($50 annually for 5 years) for online multiplayer and over 200 dollars on the HD-DVD add-on drive for movies.

PS3 gives you online multiplayer for free and has Blu-ray built-in. Even if you don't want to watch Blu-ray movies, the drive benefits you as a consumer because it was put in for games. And if you ever change your mind or upgrade to an HDTV, the option to play hi-def movies is already built in. No unnecessary add-ons or hidden fees required.

Daewoodrow5857d ago (Edited 5857d ago )

Let's forget your examples for a second. I'll compare from my british point of view and your american point of view.
~I only own a computer monitor to play HD games on. Certainly no 1080p for me, and forget HDMI.
~I just installed a wireless modem. it conveniently sits right next to my xbox so I just plug it in with ethernet.
~I don't care about Next gen disk formats yet.
~I enjoy online gaming. I play online with my 360 regularly. Downloading is also big for me.
If I lived in America:
Xbox 360 premium $399
Xbox live (i'll say two years, but i'll be playing forever if possible) $100
second wired pad (wireless is just a bonus for me, so I bought a wired pad) $40
play and charge kit $15
Total cost: $554
Playsation Cheap package $499
Playsation second wired controller $40(?)
Playstation headset $20(?)
Total: $559
and I may not even have the option to play the Playstation on my computer monitor unless Sony also release a Vga attachment.
As it stands, I live in Britain:
Xbox 360 premium £280
2 years xbox live £80
Second wired Pad £18
play and charge kit £10
Total cost £388
Playstation (only one model in UK) £425
headset £15 (?)
second wired pad £18(?)
Total Cost £458
So to summarise. I benefit from the 360 based on my consumer criteria, as many others inevitably do. I also prefer the games available on the 360, I detest the Bluray scam, the console is delayed till March next year, and games might be more expensive on the PS3. And if you look, because Britain only get one model of PS3, I can buy a £60 wireless adaptor and still pay less.

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THAMMER15858d ago

If you want you 360 have HD DVD movie play back. And to me HD DVD and BR are both un-attractive at this point. I will wait until the summer to see what happens. DVD is still fine until then. I look at it like why buy the add-on when I could buy 2 - 3 games?

lalaland5858d ago

You sound like gamer two to me... And then still the PS3 is a cheaper buy for you -- or atleast about on par with the X360.

THAMMER15858d ago

You do this from a perspective where you’re purposely being pro PS3. The point is people should buy what will please them. I just may never get the HD DVD drive. All I want is to game and play good games too. The 360 alone dose that. The PS3 is asking too much from gamers. I’m 25 and have been gaming since I was 4 years old. So I’m less impressed with a BR drive in my console than a good game in there and extra cash for more.

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