Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Review: 8/10 from GameDaily

Rabbids have taken over the world. Just accept it. You can't overcome the mutated bunnies' numbers or their sheer stupidity. You just have to deal with them, one activity at a time.

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MK_Red3987d ago

Zack & Wiki and Rabbids 2 are the games that I HAVE to finish and have forced me into buying Wii.

snoop_dizzle3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

fellas... i gotta have more cowbell(raving rabbids)!

ChickeyCantor3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Yet an N64 is able to render Arguments better or calculate thoughts way more complex then you could ever do.

Shaka you are a waste of few KB on this website, GO HANG YOUR SELF.